Best friends mom

My bestfriends mother came on to me when we were in high school. We were Junior year. Went to spend the night with him for whatever reason his dad called to say he needed his help fixing his truck. He left and asked me if I wanted to go. It was winter, his dad had no garage. I don't like cold weather so I told him I would stay there at his house. After he left his mom came in his room to play video games with me. That didn't last long. she started rubbing my back. Then ran her hand down the inside of my shirt. I thought she was just playing with me, but then she leaned over and whispered in my ear asking me if I was a virgin. I spun around so fast I think I got whiplash. I said what, and she asked again. I was embarrassed to admit I was, so I said no. She said too bad because I would have loved to take it from you. Then she asked me if I wanted to see her t***. I could only shake my head yes. She unbuttoned her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra so when she pulled her shirt open there was her lovely t***. Not as perky as the t*** I had seen on the internet but these were real and right in front of my face. She asked me if I wanted to touch them but all I could do was shake my head yes. She took both my hands and placed them on her t***. Then she asked if I wanted to make love. I stripped off my clothes and so did she. I laid down on the floor and she started to lightly stroke me. Im so glad she didn't go fast or I would have shot before we did anything. Then she got on top of me and I could see her p**** above me. My d*** was so hard it hurt. She reached down and grabbed my d*** putting it up to her p****. Then she slid down on me ever so slowly. The feeling of my d*** in her p**** was nothing I had ever felt in my life. She sat all the way down and sat there for a second or two. Then she asked if I was alright. I shook my head yes as she started to slide back and forth. I was confused because the p***** I had seen show the woman going up and down, but I didn't question her. She rocked back a forth giving me enough pleasure but not too much so I wouldn't finish too soon. She started to rub her c*** and not too long after she screamed and arched her back. Then she started to rock faster and I shot my load seconds later. We got up and got our clothes on before my bestfriend got back. She told me I could never tell anyone what happened or I would never be friends with my bestfriend again. I decided to take her advice and never told anyone until now. My bestfriend still doesn't know I had s** with his mom. That was 6 years ago and I'm still best friends with him. I still see his mom but we have never talked about that night. I wonder if she would have s** with me again if I asked her.


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  • I’m sure she’s been waiting for another chance with you. I’d wouldn’t wait to find out, especially if she still looks sexy and attractive. Don’t waste your chance. Just tell her you never told anyone like she told you not to. Then, ask her if she cares to have fun

  • My best friends mother showed me her t*** before. We were in high school don't remember what grade. Me, my best friend, and his mother decided to go Christmas shopping. We somehow managed to lock the keys in the car, so my best friend said he's going to go back in the store and call his dad to come get us. This was obviously before cell phones. I was trying to get the door unlocked with a coat hanger we had gotten out of the trash. I kept sliding it down between the door trying to hit the unlock button when his mom tried to give me encouragement by saying "you get that door unlock and I'll show you my t***" I had not seen a pair of real t*** in person, so I really wanted to get that door open. Sure enough I hit the unlock button and got in just about the time my friend was walking out to say his dad was on the way. His mom told him to hurry up and call him back before he left. When he ran off back in the store she came up to me and lifted her shirt and bra up exposing her t*** to me. I couldn't believe she was showing me her t***. I was just about to reach out and touch them when she pulled her shirt and bra back down saying "I said you could see them, not touch them." That was first pair of t*** I saw in person. I tired to make deals with her after that day to show me them again but she still hasn't showed them to me again. 25 years later and my bestfriends son graduated from high school this last spring. At his graduation party me and her was in the kitchen and i asked her if she was ever going to show me her t*** again. She said maybe someday. Eventhough she's pushing retirement age now she still has a nice body and I'd look if she ever decided to show me again.

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