I want to kill my stepdad

I confess that I want to kill my stepfather.
He hit me , my mother and my brother at least once.He manipulates my mother by saying that he kills himself or giving her the fault for everything.I ran away from him 3 times because he wanted to hit me.I have suicidal thoughts and an eating disorder because of him.He bullies my brother because hes autistic.His daughters never do anything wrong in his view.They are ignorant and selfish too.My mother cries really often because of him.He gets drunk really often too but he calla my mother out for smoking and he calls her a socipath.I thought all auffering was over when my real dad left( he was abusive too) but everything just got worse.My mother suffered already so much but now everything just happens again.Ahe was in the hostpital once because she suffers from burn-out syndrome and agoraphobia.I just want to kill my stepfather.He is an alcoholic sociopath and he caused so much suffering.I just want him to die slow and painfully.He has to feel the pain that he made us feel.I want to torture him.I want to slowly slice is throat open and watch him die.


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  • Take up a couple new best friends ,a hockey stick and a A baseball bat wrapped a barbed wire and go back and pay your so called step dad a visit , and say to him to leave the house with his daughters and if he does not , break His legs with the hockey stick , than bust his head open with the baseball bat , that should straighten him out , and if he complains about his punishment, break his head some more with the barb wire baseball bat until he bleeds to death , and if he dies , it’s his own fault , do your time like a man and you will be more happy in life .

  • You clearly need therapy to get past this and move on to live a happy life. Alternatively, you could just wallow in your own self-pity and waste time here. Life is short, too short for regret and hate which will consume your soul.

  • I would like to, but my mother thinks it's unnecessary.

  • You are a little piece of s***

  • Explain why.

  • Please please let me get him sorted for you. he will never bother you or rest off your family again........

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