Big Sister Update

This is an update to an earlier post:

I’ve since recovered, have my own place now, etc. This is my first holiday season since my divorce. My ex traveled with the kids to be with her family, so I was alone for Christmas for the first time.

My sister would have been alone too so I went over to her apartment. I got there early and the first thing we did was strip each other out of our closes and have dirty butt s**. She literally s*** all over me and I didn’t even care. We showered and relaxed for a while but she got h**** again. I f***** her up her butt again. Then I did something I didn’t think even I’d do. After c****** in her butt I rolled her over and buried my face in her fat p****. When we’d f***** before I stayed away from her p****. This time I gave her oral. She seemed surprised and really enjoyed it.

We didn’t even get dressed after that. We just curled up and watched a movie together, naked. She positioned her body so she was leaning back on me, my hand reaching around her and playing with her fat p****. She leaned her head back turned and kissed me and thanked me for spending Christmas with her.

Later last night I again f***** her up her ass. She is asleep now as I write this but I am going to do it again when she wakes up.

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  • Wow,I'm a bit late to the party,but from what I can see, you are one dirty dirty b a s t a r d!
    Sickening really,and I call myself a pervert as I get off to pregnant women and sniffing dirty panties lol.
    But you are disturbed!!!
    If it was with your wife or a partner,then h***,live and let live ,you go get s h i t on your d i c k.
    But your obese sister??? Nahhh,that's wrong.
    Anything incest is wrong and disgusting.
    I'd quite enjoy pulling the trigger on you two

  • Pulling the trigger on them is a little over the top. Leave them alone in their own sick little world. They’re not hurting anyone.

  • No,they need the trigger.
    Then publicly exposed.
    Disgusting Americans.

  • You sound jealous. Sorry you don’t have a fat sister who lets you nail her up her ass. I do and I’m going to enjoy it!

  • I read the original story and this update. I’m a woman and even though I find the sibling aspect of this a bit weird I won’t make any judgments.

    What really jumped out to me was how you’ve mentioned your sister will sometimes p*** on your p**** and you don’t seem to mind it. Have you asked her how she feels about it? Does she get embarrassed or does she like that she can s*** on your manhood and still you come back so she can do it again?

    I ask because I’ve been f***** up my ass many times and I’ve deliberately s*** on my partners when they do it. It’s very empowering.

  • Actually we’ve already discussed it. She agrees with you that it’s empowering. Especially since I keep coming back. I should be out chasing hot girls’ p****** but I keep coming back to my fat sister’s butt. She loves that. She’s actually sent me texts saying she has to go to the bathroom and if I want to come over and dirty f*** her. I’ve driven all the way to her place knowing I was going to get s*** on as I f***** her.

  • Interesting. Good for you both. It’s exciting to know there are others who share that little kink in connection w a*** s**. I hope your sister covers you in her s*** the next time you plug her.

  • Thank you! I’m sure she will!

  • Gotta love a sis that lets you f*** her ass

  • It’s amazing. We have already promised each other to spend New Year’s Eve together. I will be inside my sister’s butt to close out 2018 and open up the calendar on 2019!

  • So if you c** in her at 11.58 and It drips out 12.02 she had your c** in her ass for a year!

  • It’s bad enough that you’re f****** your own sister up her ass. It’s even worse that she’s fat. You are such a loser.

  • Wired !!!

  • This. As a woman I’ve never understood why a guy would be ok with having his d*** s*** on. Especially by his own sister. His own fat sister. Ugh.

  • Personally I think yes, it’s worse because she’s fat. Guys who f*** fat chicks probably don’t have a lot going for them. Guys who prefer their own sisters fat ass over p**** really must not have anything going for them.

    You asked.

  • Love to have a sis to suck mine

  • ^^^^You are correct sir^^^^

  • Wait, so you’d be ok with it if my sister was hot? (I wish she was but this is still pretty amazing.)

  • F*** off. You can suck a fart out of my ass!

  • I’m so glad this updated. Day after Christmas was incredible!

  • Are you going to tell us about it?

  • What all would you like to know? We f***** several times. I’ve burried my c*** in her ass more times in the past few months than I ever did in my ex wife’s p**** the last 3 years of our marriage.

    I’ve had a few flings with other women here and there too, but I always keep coming back to my sister and her big soft fat ass.

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