My wife (really my girlfriend of 10 years) have been swing since we decided to become a couple. It started off just with the couple behind us and their are now 11 total (6 female & 5 male) plus my wife has a regular lesbian lover and I have a gay lover. I still remember that first night. The couple behind us had come over for dinner. Well, the girls disappeared for a while and I hear my wife call us up stairs. Neither me nor the other guy know what was going on. We get to out bedroom and both of them are completely nude with on all 4s and they both say f*** us. So, we get undressed both us get in position behind our wives. Immediately his wife says no switch. I ask my wife are you sure. You says yes. So, we switch. At first I was sort of nervous but once I started f****** his wife and then I look over and saw his big c*** f****** my wife's p**** and noticed what a beautiful sight it was and when my wife went quit I knew she was really enjoying herself. The woman I was f****** was a bit more vocal but just keep repeating over and over how good it felt. Well, my wife didn't stay quit for long and let a loud moan and screamed "I'm C******!!" I immediately said "F*** her harder" and he did and I started pounding his wife harder. A few moments later the woman I f****** had an o***** and for those of us that know when a woman his a great o***** while f****** their p**** is basically begging for you to c** inside them. But being our first time we decided against it. So, both of us slide out and the women turned around & finished us both off with their mouths and talk about c** whores we basically had to push them off because neither one wanted to stop sucking even after we had finished c******. That was the start of a beautiful swinging life style.

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  • 7 out of 10 for the story. 2 out of 10 for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  • Honestly, who cares about punctuation!? That’s not why we’re here reading these confessions

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