My Fondest Sexual Fantasy

I Confess that I cannot resist the touch of baby pink fleece. It Is So Heavenly Soft. And Enviting!

Jan 4, 2019

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  • Im pretty sure I know and if I do I agree button be sure I need to ask what you mean by baby pink fleece

  • If Hungry Baby Pink Fleece wraps around someone, engulfs them, then suckles them dry, before feeding on them, there is no escape from either the reality of this, nor a sexual fantasy about this! I Love Reading Such Fantasies!

  • Baby Pink Fleece Can Psychologically Trigger The Adult Baby, In Any Man! Just the suckling touch of it, can begin the process, Of Rendering The Cuddled Man, Completely Helpless To Resist His Inner Emotions, And If He Wears Adult Pink Fleece Diapers And Footed Pajamas, during the fleecy cuddling process, There Is No Emotional Escape Possible for him! Babied.

  • I have always been fascinated by the thought of actually wearing adult baby pink fleece diapers and footed pajamas( 2 pair), of course. and, somehow, being able, to live out a sexual fantasy, where, while I am clothed, as described above, a baby pink fleece mama blob slowly engulfs me, pulling me deeper and deeper within her, until, at last, I Am Just Like An Unborn Baby, Deep Within Her Baby Pink Heavenly Softness, Which Appears To Stretch To Infinity! If videoed, the video would show my darker shape outlined against her pinkness, stretching to infinity, trying to resist her, by squirming with excitement, scratching and clawing in emotional ecstasy, as she first thickens and thickens, and then tightens and tightens, all over every inch of me, as her fleecy heavenly pink softness, holds me perfectly still! She now begins to suckle away all my oxygen, knowing that if I begin to lose consciousness as a sexual turn on, even temporarily, my emotional condition, will make me even more helpless, making it easier for her heavenly pink fleeciness, to convert my barely moving, completely willing molecular structure to more fleece, as my mouth opens and closes in a silent scream of ecstasy, and now, a gurgling slurping sound begins, and my struggling shape fades a little, and my exhaled bubbles of carbon dioxide drift away, and are absorbed within her heavenly pinkness, and then my shape, which once was clearly defined, begins to fade within her pinkness, my movements of struggling resistance, becoming less and less visible, until, at last, there is only pink remaining! This process of her digesting and absorbing me, causes her to feel an overwhelming emotional experience, and she does, to her hearts content! This Process Of Loving, Emotional Feeding Is Now Complete, And A Happily Fed Mama Blob, Now Relaxes, Secretly Wanting More And More, Over And Over, Forever! Enjoy: Babied.

  • The baby pink fleece is hungry, starving, easily excited, air tight, heavenly soft, super thick, and so engulfing, when it detects prey! Any struggling movement within it, triggers a feeding frenzy, that must be videoed, and viewed, to be believed, and I would love to be the videographer!

  • Thank You, Readers for making this sexual fantasy a favorite!

  • We didn't. You've been commenting on your own post all along. Your very specific obsession is just a little too obvious.

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