My Christmas party

My buddy and I tag teamed his wife after our company Christmas party and she doesn't even remember it. She was trashed and went to pass out in my spare room after we got to my place to continue drinking after the party and he went to check on her then came and got me, He led me to the bedroom door and I looked in, She was passed out face down and he walked up, Pulled her dress up and pulled her thong off completely, She is a beautiful woman, 40, Smallish saggy boobs but a great ass and legs, Nice pussy and very pretty.
I was kind of shocked and surprised as he squeezed and jiggled her ass cheeks then he shoved a finger in her from behind and she just took a breath and relaxed, He whipped out his dick and started fucking her in front of me then pulled out and rolled her onto her back, He had her dress bunched up around her waist and her bra off with her little saggy boobs jiggling while he fucked her then pulled out and motioned for me to fuck her, I dropped my pants and slid into her, I was banging her and playing with her tits as he knelt beside her face, He was rubbing his dick on her face and she grabbed it shoving it in her mouth, I panicked a bit but kept going, He came and she swallowed it then she looked right at me and put her hands on my shoulders and closed her eyes, I whispered that i was going to come in her mouth and she moaned then licked her lips, I pulled out and shoved it in her mouth and she swallowed it all then stretched and twisted her body a bit before rolling over and passing out.
He stripped her naked and left her laying there while we went back to the kitchen to drink and I was freaking out, I have known both of them since college and told him she was going to have a shit fit, He laughed and said she was so wasted she wouldn't even know and what do you know, He was right. the next morning I got up and walked past the spare room and she was still laying there on her back sprawled out naked, I made coffee and looked around for him but he was gone, I texted him with no answer and was just about to call him when she came out of the bedroom, She had her dress on but no bra and was obviously embarrassed to be braless since it was quite obvious in the dress she had on.
She asked where her husband was and I said I didn't know then she said "did he fucking leave me here?" and I told her I didn't know where he was, She said "Uhhh, I assume you saw me this morning since the door was wide open?" I blushed and she said "The whole deal" motioning to her body, I nodded and she never said a word about the night before, Eventually he came up from down stairs and she looked at him saying "Where's my fucking bra", He said "What?", She said "My bra is missing" and he played it off as if he had no idea, He said "Why did you take off your bra" and she said "I don't remember, Probably the same reason I was buck fucking naked with the bedroom door wide open", He looked at me and said "Did you get a show this morning", I nodded and she was totally embarrassed.
She has no memory of it and I am good with that.

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