My Desire

I Confess My Secret Desires Openly Here, because I Trust ConfessionsPost To Honestly State Them, And Protect My Privacy, Which, In My Opinion, They Do Elequently! Somewhere In This Universe, “There Exists A Female Sexual Entity, Composed Of Baby Pink Fleeciness, Heavenly Soft In Texture, And Ravenously Hungry For The Same Desires That I Have! It Is shaped in a giant mass of baby pink blob material, which is continullly undulating, And inflating to enormous size, then back to smaller size, to both increase my sexual desire, and at the same, demonstrate its ability to overpower me, engulf me, suckle on my air, as a sexual turn on, then very slowly, digest me, and absorb me completely, My Shape Alternating Between Vivid Outline, And Then Fading To More Pinkness, Back And Forth, Back And Forth, Over And Over, Until, At Last I Blend In Perfectly With The Pinkness That Surrounds Me, The Process Now Complete,
As The Slurping, Gurgling Sound Is Continually Heard, And Then My Shape Fading Away, As I Excitedly Scratch, And Claw In Emotional, And Physical Ecsticy! If I Ever Decided To Video This Description, What An Exciting Video It Would Be, For All Viewers! I Had Better Quit Composing Now, As I’m Getting More Sexually Excited, With Each Keystroke! With Emotional Love; Babied.

Mar 15, 2019

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  • God, not this asstard again

  • But what does babied mean?????!!!!!!!!

  • Don't know, and asstard seems disinclined to use his big-boy words to describe it.

  • I'm guessing it's the name he writes his posts as. It's at the end because he's writing his posts like letters for some reason.

  • I understand your fetish, but can you please explain to me what "babied" means!!!
    I've seen it lots before on here and have no idea what you mean!

  • “Babied” is An Internet user name provided by an adult baby.

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