Straight male here.
Heard about pegging.
Have no desire or intention of having gay s**,in fact it repulses me.
But I bought some carrots the other day,and whilst h**** had the idea of trying one in my ass.
Went small and gave it a go,was well lubed up with butter lol.
Tbh,I tried all angles to get the prostate,and I can't see the fuss about it.
All I ended up with was a carrot that smelt of poo and a slippery ars.ehole.

Jan 6, 2019

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  • Finally a real confession, and a funny one too. Sorry m8, it really was funny the way you put it! !

  • Mmmm,a poo smelling carrot!
    Yum yum in my tum!!!

  • Are you looking forward to your 13th birthday?

  • I did try a few positions,leg up on the chair and poking it in from behind,and tried to squat on it, ended up kind of slouched on the chair with a leg up over the arm, I think I defo did touch the prostate as something felt different up there and tingly.
    May try a bent one next time lol,that's if I do try it again!
    Also, may be a bit too much info, but I couldn't f.uck myself with it,as in sliding it back and forth, as it felt uncomfortable , I just pushed it in poked about😅
    Pulling it out after wasn't the nicest feeling either!

  • Ha!!!!!

  • Need the natural curvature of a c*** deep inside you to really hit the prostate ;)

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