My secret

I am not gay. I have no physical attraction to males, I do not have any desire to date a man. With that said here is the confusing part. I very much enjoy a*** s**.
A few years ago I was curious and began playing with a couple of my wifes small d*****. I really enjoyed it. I started moving up in size and learning to take more. I began hinting to my wife that I wanted to incorporate this into our s** play. Possibly even her taking a more dom role and f****** me with a strap on. She was not interested in trying it.
At one point the d***** alone were not providing the excitement they once did. I went online and began looking to expand my play. I found a guy willing to do exactly what I wanted. I went to his home, there was no conversation, no foreplay, I was already lubed and prepared. I bent over the side of the bed, spread my legs wide. He began pushing his c*** into my ass. I immediately could feel the difference between the d***** and a real c***. It felt so much better! He f***** me good and hard. When he he got off the feeling of his warm c** hitting my insides nearly caused me to o*****.
Since then a couple of times a month I arrange to get f*****. I still have no desire to have an interactive sexual act with another guy. I do not suck c***, touch or kiss. I simply give a guy a tight ass to get off in. At the same time I very much enjoy receiving a*** s** and have my needs met.

Dec 14

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  • Sounds like you have a good thing going. Keep at it and keep taking the loads inside you.

  • I am a straight male, but I have an oral fetish. I also have no desire to be with a guy or date a guy.
    Right out of high school me and my best friend got a TINY apartment. There was only a pull out couch bed so we shared the bed. One time we both woke up with boners, one thing led to another and we sucked each other off. I really enjoyed sucking a d*** and the taste of c**.
    We never did it again. Fast forward many years. I didn't want any sexual interaction with guys but I wanted to perform oral. I have several rental houses and I am always in between renters. So when one of the houses is empty I set up a "gloryhole. I get to suck d**** and swallow c** without having to deal with the guys.

  • First please do something about the idiot spamming everything on this site.

  • Thank you.

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