What a crazy new years.

Over the years my wife and I have had a few experiences, Nothing too wild but I have watched her kiss friends of hers, Friends of mine, She has flashed her b00bs and her bu++, And one drunk night before kids she let a friend of mine feel her b00bs. I have had many less experiences aside from a one time only experience that almost ended my marriage two weeks before it happened, Her best friend and maid of honor to be hugged my peni$ with her mouth for a total of 2 seconds, Literally two strokes with her mouth and then pulled away and they both burst out laughing but the next day my wife was cold and after her friend left we had a full on melt down fight.
Anyway we got past it and married, 21 years later our kids are all teens and we went out for new years, Our oldest stayed home to watch the younger kids and we traveled to the city two hours away and stayed with her best friend who we have stayed with a hundred times, She was divorced three years ago and we really haven't stayed with her much since but she has a nice house, 2 bedrooms up and two down, two car detached garage yada, yada, yada, She set up a room downstairs for us and after the bar, Multiple bars we ended up back at her house around 2:00 am or something stupid like that. My wife and I don't get away often and definitely not often that we get away with out at least one or two of the kids so even though it was late my wife was all over me, I went out to her garage to have a smoke before bed and pretty soon my wife came into the garage and said "WTF, Are coming in or what?", I laughed and said "H0rny much?", She said "YES" and walked up to me, She started groping me through my pants and then unzipped them.
I was ready, Like totally ready to go, i was so hard that she took it in her hand and looked at me saying "Uh, You ok?", I said "Yeah...Why" and she said "I can feel your heart beat" and we both giggled, She looked around pulled me over to the bench that is by the door and she sat down, My wife started sucking me and she was doing a nice, slow BJ, I was just about to stand her up when the frickin garage door opens and her friend is standing there, My wife pulled back and both of us stared at her, She stepped into the garage and closed the door saying "I knew it, I fuck!ng knew it", My wife was still stroking me and I looked down at her, She looked up at me and opened her mouth leaning forward and taking my c0ck in her mouth, I almost lost my mind and my wife looked up out of the corner of her eye at her friend.
Everything got really quiet and the only noise was the sound of my wife slowly sliding her mouth up and down the length of my shaft, Her friend stood beside me not saying a word just looking down at my wife, My wife looked me in the eyes, Reached over and took her friends hand putting it on my wife's head, Her friend ran her fingers through my wife's hair then grabbed her by the hair and started guiding my wife, She would pull my wife's head back so I would slip out of her mouth then as my wife went to lean back in she would pull her head back and my wife would look up at her and squint then she would let my wife lean forward again. It was all a bit more than I could handle and I put one hand on her friends hand and the other on the other side of my wife's head and held her as I grunted and came harder than I ever have in my life, It felt like I was coming over and over again, When I finished my wife leaned back and gasped saying "Holy shit baby".
My wife kept stroking and licking while massaging my balls, and looking up at me all pouty, I stood her up, spun her around and whipped her pants down and laid her back on the hood of her friends car. My wife still had her pants around her ankles and was trying to kick them off as I pulled her thong down and dove in, She stopped kicking her feet and spread her knees as I went down on her, I'm not sure what her friend was doing but a couple seconds later her friend stood beside my wife and pulled her shirt up then my wife arched her back as her friend undid her bra and they wrestled around getting her top off. I quickly took off her pants and underwear letting them fall on the floor and went back to licking her, My wife was pulling at me to stand up and as I did she grabbed my d!ck and lifted her feet wrapping them around my waist as she tried to shove me inside her.
My wife's friend was watching as my wife rubbed my knob against her cl!t and then looked at me and said "I forgot how...Big", My wife pulled her friend back up to her and they started kissing and her friend was playing with my wife's little saggy b00bs, Don't get me wrong, My wife is hot and I like her body but her b00bs are small and saggy now, Her friend on the other hand is a bit thicker and has massive boobs, Massive, Jiggly beautiful b00bs and my wife grabbed her friends shirt pulling it over her head, I undid her bra and she wriggled letting it fall to the floor. I shoved into my wife and she tilted her head back moaning as her friend kissed her neck, I slowly slid in and out of her while they kissed and groped each other while i rubbed her friends back then slid my arm around her grabbing her b00b on the far side squeezing and playing with it then as my wife started breathing heavier and getting more and more into it I slid my hand down the back of her friends sweats and grabbed her chubby bu++ squeezing it and she spread her feet apart a little so I slid my hand down finding her dripping wet pu$$y.
My wife's friend tilted her head back as I slid one and then two fingers in her, She pushed her bu++ back against my hand and I started fingering her while pounding my wife, She was so wet, I pulled my fingers out of her and just started rubbing her pu$$y with my full hand as she worked her sweats down and took one foot out then spread her legs wider and put her head down sucking on my wife's nipple, My wife grabbed her hair and held her head tight to her t!t as she moaned and came hard, I pulled out and came harder the second time than the first, I shot my load all over my wife's stomach and all over her friends side, One b00b and arm then with her reaching back stroking me with come all over her hand I leaned over so I could see her pu$$y and used my right hand, Rubbed her hard and she looked back at me looking like she was going to cry then with her face right over top of my wife's, My wife held her friends face as she came all over my hand and squeezed my d!ck hard.
We were all breathing hard, There was an awkward silence as we got half dressed and went inside the house, My wife headed straight to the shower and before closing the door looked back at me, squinted and went into the bathroom, I instantly grabbed her friend how was standing there with her giant bra in her hand, Kissed her and slid my hand up her shirt, I whispered in her ear "I should have fucked you", She nibbled my ear and whispered "I wish you did" and if i could have gotten it up again I would have but we just kissed and groped each other and I started to get hard, I was leaning back against the kitchen counter and she was on her knees sucking me when we heard the bathroom door open, She quickly stood up and I tucked it away as she wiped her chin, My wife walked in to the kitchen and we were standing there, She walked up and looked at her friend saying "I'm done showering".
Her friend went to shower and my wife led me to bed, My wife said "What were you guys doing" I wasn't sure if I should tell her or not but decided not, I just said "talking" and she bit her lip and asked "Did you fuck her". I laughed and said "Ha, Couldn't if I wanted to" and she smiled sheepishly, Snuggled up on my chest and we passed out together naked. In the morning there was a lot of awkward tension, despite the fact we had made plans to stay two nights my wife decided we needed to go home, I managed to get a second alone with her friend and told her that I told my wife we just talked while left alone in the kitchen, I told her I told my wife we talked about how much fun it was and how we both enjoyed it, She was back peddling and I could tell she didn't want to tell my wife that if asked but I didn't want to leave her any choice so I made sure she knew that that was what I had told my wife and that i told my wife we had done nothing but talked which some parts were true and some not.
We went home and didn't talk much about it but my wife did ask for more detail so I told her what I had told her friend to say and my wife said "Really, She...Had fun, Did she say anything else?", I looked at my wife and said "Like whether or not she would do it again?", My wife said "Well...I mean...Did she" and so I told my wife her friend said she would love to and that if we ever wanted to she was totally in, My wife was a bit surprised to hear that and I don't know if she has brought it up to her friend but hopefully this is the start of something.

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