Black boy

I’m posting on friends & family because it’s about a friend of our son, a very muscular attractive young black boy. Prior to confession I want you to have a better picture because this mainly about fetishizing. I’m 51, married for 26 years, pale white, 160 lbs, grey hair to my shoulders but I color it dark auburn brown that resembles my natural hair color. I have freckles all over but particularly in my cleavage and shoulders and I wear a 34B bra although lately I like to go braless even though they sag a little bit. I have always like this boy since he was a little boy but as he grew up I fetish him more and more. When he slept over I noticed he fancied me and I mischievously paid a lot of attention to him but I never made a pass at him. However when he turned 18 everything changed. Our son went to college out of town and he went to our local community college. I knew he was short on cash and offered him a job as a house helper. I was ready to make a pass at him but I wanted him to take the initiative. My husband had left on a fishing trip the Saturday he came over. I did not put a bra and although my thighs are quite dimpled and kind of chubby I put on a pair of daisy shorts. I couldn’t wait for him to stare at me and he did. The first thing I asked him was to wash my dirty cloth including underwear by hand. I left him alone but when I heard he was working on the laundry sink I came in. He got embarrassed because he was smelling the crotch of my dirty panties when I walked in. I did as I didn’t notice but turned around and holding my hair in a pony tail fashion I asked him to take a look at a rash in my neck. That was enough. He could not handle the tease and grabbing my breasts from behind he told me “I’m sorry mam but I’ve been dreaming about this for years”. That really turned me on and got me all wet. It’s been a while since I didn’t feel my juices oozing out without fingering my self. Now I should move to naughty posts but I’ll try to moderate my language. I never physically cheated on my husband but this time I was willing to do it. I and my husband get creative in bed but this level of arousal in anticipation I don’t think I had ever reached. He started kind of kissing/biting my neck as he caressed my breast and pressed him manhood against my bottom. I was going to explode and I haven’t even undressed. He turned me around and kissed me as if he were in love with me. I kissed him back. I felt like a teenager. With our tongues engaged he walked me backward to our living room and we fell on the couch. He was so hard the head of his manhood sticked out his pants. I could not resist and went down on him. It was so long I needed my two hands to grab his shaft. He told me “I’m ready mam” and I begged him to take me without delay. It was short. He came within a couple of minutes or so but I felt like i climaxed one million times. It was around noon. When my husband came BACH from fishing he was still at home.

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