PLEASE ANSWER does he like me?!

Okk so i really wanna know if this boy likes me or not because its really annoying me how he keeps acting hot and cold.

Some days he will text me and then he goes for days without texting.
He says he shy and doesnt know what to say on texts.
He never arranges to meet up with me.
When i asked him if he wanted to do something he said hes busy.
I went round his before for a party and we kissed, and he didnt stop texting me after that but now its worn off and he hasnt asked me round since.

is he just shy or does he not like me?! what do you think

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  • He doesn't like u as much as he should, if he did he would be all over you and u wouln't b wondering. Don't let him do that to u. Best Wishes!

  • I just talked to him. He totally likes you. That kissing you did was the most special thing ever in his life. He is a little shy. But he likes you a lot. He thinks you don't like him. You sent him some texts that confused him. I know you didn't mean to do that, but be more careful.

  • ^ u r a cvnt

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