I get turned on my rape videos (but not

I get turned on my rape videos (but not seeing them get hurt physically.. that's just sick). I heard somewhere that rape fantasies are normal.

Am I on the path to becoming a convicted serial rapist? It's not the domination aspect of it.. i dunno.. i just like forcing s** on someone... seeing them tied to bed posts..etc... Any other guy?

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  • Oh, and I'm a girl. Rape fantasies totally turn me on, though loathe the reality

  • I get really turned on by rape fantasies and videos. Always have. Not really hurting the woman of course...

  • first, my girlfriend was raped when she trusted the friend she went out with. then i played a mild rape on a chick who turned-out to actually love the idea of being raped, without enjoying the process while she was getting it. next maybe i want someone who.. i don't know.. maybe one of you chicks here who so desire being raped..

  • i'm a guy who has had a rape fetish for a long time now. i'm 25, discovered rape (fantasy) p*** when I was 18. Can't get enough. I am not worried that I will graduate to real rape. Although in my head I love the thought of it, I have a conscience at the same time (which is weird) and couldn't live with myself actually hurting someone, nor could I deal with the consequences of being caught.

    But fear not my friend, you are not alone. Many men and many women share the fetish.

  • I get turned on by that too, and I am a girl!

  • Try BDSM.
    It's not actually rape, but if you find a partner willing, it could be very similar.
    It sounds like you just want to be a dom.

  • I am a submissive into the whole gentle dom thing.i fantasize about being dominated by a man (or woman) constently.i mostly fantasize of it being forced,but me loving it anyways.

  • i used to have fantasies about being raped, but that was until my boyfriend forced s** on me when i told him NO. it felt gross to be forced to do something against my will. rape is supposedly not about s** it's about power and for me, it definately was.

  • I like to be held down by my husband. I like it when he holds my arms way over my head and rams it in my ass. I like him to be completely in control of me. He likes to ram his d*** way down my throat and make me gag. I like him to smack my ass so hard it hurts later. But outside the bedroom we are your average everyday lovey dovey couple.

  • u sik

  • ... I have fantasies about being raped.

  • Even when my boyfriend pretended to rape me, I got really spooked out. It seemed so real.

  • there are people out there that like to be tied to a bed and get forced s**...and it seems like the real RAPE but it's just pretend... they pretend to be raped... i guess it's a role playing thing. FInd someone that's like that, i think they're called m********. Just dont RAPE people in real life... other than that, i think ur fanasy is fine.

  • dont do it but some girls like to roleplay but even then punching and stuff is sooo sick and wrong take up boxing and leave s** for what it was meant to be for

  • i have those fantasies too and a lot of women have fantasies about being raped, so dont feel bad, just dont do it

  • i f****** love wen my guy ties me down or holds my wrists down really hard i remember the 1st times we did the pretend rape i had burises on my wrists 4 like a week it makes me so h**** to have him in control n dominate me

  • haha lol just sounds like a kinky fantasy to me.

  • that's really wrong!

  • Your sick! Why I should tie you to a bed and f*** you in the ass!
    Oh wait....

  • dont feel bad....im a chick who likes guys to fulfill that fantasy for me....i could be crazy....or intouch with wut i want.....just find sumone who fits ur fantasy babe.

  • its a very bad thing to indulge in any kind of fantasy that involves causing any kind of harm to another person, you should shun and abhore any enjoyment you have in thoughts or ideas or any external influence that may encourage these fantasies or behaviors for the sake of your mind and spirit.

  • i had this fantasy once, i half went through with it too. Lucky i got busted, because i would have kept going. I feel bad now because it felt so good watching her cry.

  • Pft it's fantasies people; people fantasise about things they can't or don't dare do in real life. I'm a woman, I fantasised about getting raped by my boyfriend. Does not mean I actually wish to get raped.

  • Wrong!

  • I have these fantasies too.

  • If you knew someone who had been raped I'm sure you'd think differently.

  • Each to their own.

  • Thats just sick. Sorry to say that but I think its wrong.

  • As long as you don't fulfil your fantasies, you will be right. Then again, purchasing videos of this nature supports the act and may actually do more harm then good. If things get too serious, seek help. Good luck!

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