how would you do it?

Just out of curiousity...if any of you guys out there were going to rape a woman, how would you go about doing it and not get caught? Just asking out of curiousity. And it can be any kind of rape...stranger rape, date-rape, whatever kind of rape you would commit, how would you go about it and not get caught? Only serious answers, please.

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  • Just out of curiosity right ?

  • drag the b**** into a forest and strip her naked, gag her and then f*** her p**** good and hard, now f*** her ass, once your done get a baseball bat and ram it up her p**** and f*** her with it, do her p**** for 5 minutes and then pull it out and ram it up her ass and f*** her making the b**** scream and scream, now get a large pole and put it as far up her p**** as it will go and then stand the pole up and slide it into a hole in the ground, now stand there and j********** while you watch her slide down the pole, once the pole is right up her p**** and into her belly set the b**** on fire and watch the f****** w**** wriggle on the pole as she burns and slides all the wy down the pole with the top coming out her mouth

  • I would pick out a girl that was alone at a night club drug her drink, and watch her until i saw the drug taking affect. Then i would put my arm around her and act like i knew her and quickly get her outside and into my car. By that time, she would be pretty much unconcious then I would take her to a secluded area, and put her in the back of my suv, with the seats layed down and I would f*** her p**** and ass. Then i would drop her off in a public area and leave her there. It's worked before.....

  • The last part is f***** up... Not that the rest is any better

  • take her into the woods, strip her, f*** her puccy then her ass, play with her t***, suck on her nipples, fist f*** her with our hand as far in as you can get it (make sure shes gaged). Make it hurt bad. after you done stick a knife in her p**** and cut it all up on the inside, cut off her nipples, stab her in her ass and then her belly button cut her t** off and cut her throat then finally stab her in the heart. completely burn everything you were wearing and find another one

  • This troubles me. The answer is already out there. Read up on serial rapists. I'm sure you've already thought up many answers by yourself.

  • Who asks that ?!

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