Caught peeking

My wife and I were over at her moms the other day, Her mom is a nice looking 58 year old, She had a shower and came back wearing a housecoat, We sat talking for a bit in the living room and I was sitting in a chair off to the side from where my wife was, Every time my wife's mom would turn to the right I could see up her housecoat and she would spread her legs giving me a full on view of her vag, Like I said she is 58 but she has a nice vag, Nicer than I would have ever thought, Hairy but not a big bush, I could see the whole thing, Pink lips and she has an Inny p****, I half expected big hanging lips at her age but it is actually quite nice looking, I don't think she has had any d*** since the wife's dad passed 8 years ago but she must take good care of it.
Unfortunately my wife left the room and that left her to pay attention to me and when she turned to the right I looked, She looked back to say something and I was caught, She looked down, Closed her legs, looked at me and then tilted her head to the side and said "Did you just?", She closed her eyes and shook her head, I said "Sorry...I just...I didn't mean to...It was just", She held her hand up to shush me and said "Just...Stop" and left it at that.
Oh well, She should be proud, Its a nice p****.

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  • She did it for attention and got it. Try rubbing up against her next

  • Nice one.

  • My pretty wife is the carbon copy of my MIL. It has never entered my mind to look, stare, say any inappropriate thing as I know my Marine FIL would be less than happy. I saw him mad once and that was encouragement enuff to always fly right.

  • That means you're weak.
    You can't even man up enough to look at you mil in a sexual way.
    You pathetic man.

  • Nice , I try and look up my mother in laws all the time, only seen knickers, but have sniffed them a few times when alone in the bathroom

  • I also adore my MIL, I make it obvious when I stare, and even get away with cleverly groping her, I've groped her ass and her fantastic b****** on countless occasions, even in a crowded room she has never said anything.
    One day we will make love I'm sure

  • Mines got nice big t.i.t.s and she confided in my wife whilst drunk that her new husband licks her ar.seh.ole,so I use that in my mast.abor.atory fantasies.
    She's a bit wobbly in places but id kiss those rolls of flab,4 kids and she's not in bad shape.
    Her knickers are quite cute and I love how the white disch.arge leaves an impression of how her pu.ssy looks.
    Ive studied hers a lot lol and reckon she's got a tidy one with a small amount of l**** protruding.
    Whatever its like,i know it smells amazing

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