I manipulated a gay dude

I had this gay friend and he got all weird with our friendship after his boyfriend broke up with him. Now he is trying to ask me out knowing good and damn well I was struggling trying to be a Christian and I was straight and somewhat homophobic.

He confessed his love to me in my instagram DMs and I almost couldn’t take it but I played it off cool. Before this he would tell me weird stuff like he made a couple guys turn hay before and that enraged me so I rejected him.

Ironically a few days later I came back and asked him out but for the false reasons that ended up costing him money and distress.

This is what you get for f****** with a guy who is trying to find a way to live for Christ after a rough past.

Jan 16, 2019

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  • Wow, gay "friend," boundaries!!

    This is where "minorities" trip themselves up. If you want to be treated like an intelligent individual, then behave like one. This means NOT pushing yourself onto straight people who are clearly not interested. If you pull this bullshit, all the cries of "bigot" will not save you-- but they will be heard by people who might have been allies if you hadn't been so petulant.

    That applies to other kinds of sexism and to racism too. You WILL bump up against people who don't knuckle under to being played, even if you think you've got current social trends backing you up. Some of us just. don't. GAF. about. that. Got that, b.i.t.c.h.e.s?!

  • Good job.

    Homosexuals to not respect bounds. You try to be cosmopolitan and fair and respectful - they try to f--k you up the a-ss. They only care about getting their dinky stinky to the point of it being demonic as they go from a****** to a******. They have unprotected s** with strangers in public restrooms. This excites the demon living inside them.

    Being gay is a choice. And even if you don't believe God you cannot explain gay being in DNA becuase it would have been bred out through evolution ie. all the gay genes would hve died off.

    Gays are mostly responsible for ALL the STD's. Even AIDS was started by a gay stewardess giving it to thousands of butt holes in bath houses.

    They have no respect and only care about violating you. Once you put your foot down or they know there is no chance they will lose all interest. Because they only care about 1 thing.

    The love talk is feigning ....and angles ... to get to you. All lies rooted from the need to satiate their promiscuous l***.

    Love and promiscuity are incompatible therefore ..... Ye shall know the by their works.

  • Nice too see you're not prejudiced then!!! And AIDS was NOT started by a stewardESS! FFS bro!

  • Boo hoo, sob sob. When gay people act like self centered f@ggots they deserve to be talked at like self centered f@ggots. You reap what you sow.

  • WTF I don't understand.

  • WWJD? Not what you did, that’s for sure

  • Ewww

    Gays are just so sinister

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