The boss made me do it

I'm single and totally straight and I work for a guy who is older and married with a ton of kids. Anyway the guy has always been super friendly with me and treats me different from most of the employees. He asked me to help him move some furniture once on the weekend and it was a pain in the ass a whole bunch of heavy stuff into his house and up and down a bunch of stairs. I got all sweaty and took my shirt off and afterward was sitting on a patio chair when he comes over all different, touching me and stuff. It was weird and I was freaking out cause hes my boss but truth is I got hard as h***. We ended up getting naked on his patio and the truth is it was pretty good. He was totally into everything about me. Work has been weird every since and I can tell he wants to do it again but I do and I don't.

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  • What did you do you left that all out "

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