Wife cheated and it turned me on

While out of town on business, my wife cheated on me with a local bar owner.

I had plans to meet my wife at a small town bar in Atlantic, IA. My flight was late and I tried to call her when I landed. Straight to voicemail! I arrived to the bar we were to meet and the bar tender couldn’t look me in the eye. I eventually found out the bar owner took my wife to nearby Council Bluffs, IA. They supposedly hit the casinos. After many trips back and forth from the bar, my wife showed up at home at 2:45am. Wasted and her p**** was sopping wet. She admitted to going on a road trip with the bar owner. Said she was on way to casino but never made it. I saw a Bronco parked along highway on my way home and later learned my wife was in the vehicle.
We fought but then we f***** hard. Her p**** was sloppy wet and I knew she had been f*****. We f***** 5 times that night. Crazy s** and it turned me on.

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  • My wife is f****** her exhusband. Her daughter went to prison and we ended up with her kids. My wife started taking her grandkids over so they could see their grandpa. She would do it during the day when I was at work. Only what she doesn't know is my coworker is friends with her ex and he doesn't know I'm married to his friends ex wife. He always tells me what my wife's exhusband is up to. Not long after she started going over my coworker told me his buddy the exhusband was f****** his exwife again.

  • I had been asking my wife to f*** a guy in front of me. She kept saying no way until one night she asked me if I really wanted her to. I told her I did and that's when she said there was this guy at work who she thinks is hot and he had been coming onto her. She told me that he showed her his d*** and she almost f***** him but didn't. She wants to but didn't want to cheat on me but if I wanted her to she would love to f*** him. I told her yes and then watched as this guy f***** my wife in a hotel room.

  • I would absolutely love to watch my wife f*** one of her colleagues.

  • My brother, she was honest with you. That means a lot! My wife denied wrongdoing but incorporated fantasy scenarios into our s** life about that night. She “pretended” that if my suscpicions were real, she sucked c*** after he came to get him hard again so he could do her longer. My wife of two months at the time was a lying w****. To this day, I know she was dirty that night. She will never admit it outside of bedroom tho

  • Many men wish for the opportunity to see their significant other with a well endowed hot male. The fact that she did it behind your back is non the less cheating. Had she kept you invyi would have been more excited. The fact that she did it behind your back means you suck as s**. F*** her and I bet that bartender thinks so lowly of you.

  • I am still married to her and I hate her

  • I wish my virgin fiancée would cheat.

  • Everyone who has ever read this site for the last year knows about your supposed "virgin fiancee".

  • That’s good. I’m just giving my perspective, as a cuck in a relationship with a virgin.

  • Only you're not in a relationship with a virgin. And everyone is sick of hearing about your bullshit virgin fiancee.

  • Hmm, I found out my wife had cheated and it didn't quite go like that.

    Some friends of ours were planning a house warming party, but I was unable to attend because I had to work. I told my wife to go and have a good time. Halfway through my shift i decided to take the rest of the night off, so i packed up and headed for our friends party. When I got there, the house was full of people, some I knew, some I didn't. I turned around just in time to see my wife coming downstairs, so I asked her what she was doing and she told me she had just been talking to some friends upstairs. Then two guys came down the steps. I asked if those were the two "friends" and she sheepishly said yes. I asked her what they were "talking" about but she couldn't answer. We proceeded outside where we got in a big fight and she first admitted to "only kissing them". Then she admitted to f****** them both. They only stopped because another friend told her I had just pulled in the driveway. We split up after that night

  • So where is your relationship at today?

  • In the toilet.

  • Dude, women are sexual beasts. I found out my wife was in that category that night. If I knew now what I learned that night, I would have divorced her. Lucky me....we now have two children and I cannot walk away.

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