My wife the flirt

My wife is very sexy and she knows it. She is getting dressed for a escort dinner date with a man from out of town . For tonight no bra and no panties and a partly see thru dress. She was a real turn on and I love it. I had to drop her off at the club to meet her date. When the door was opened her dress rode up a little and showed her pink p**** as she got out. My wife sat up at the bar while she waited . Sitting at the bar alone looking so sexy she appeared available. Her date arrived and I left to return a few hours later to bring her home. Nothing was supposed to happen besides dinner and a few drinks. I arrived about 30 minutes early. While I waited another car came up. There was my wife half naked in the front seat f****** her date. Her make up was smeared and her hair was a mess. I waited a few minutes then called her and said I would be there shortly. I just sat there and watched. She mounted him again while the time passed for me to get her. She did not know that I saw her. On the way home she told me most of the evening was conversation and some drinks. Later she recounted the evening with accuracy and said this was some of the best s** ever because of the thrill of the first time doing this escort work. Now she wants to do more. Her date gave her a fee and said he would be in town again in a few months and he would like to meet her again. My wife agreed to meet again.

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  • You made me c**. I hate underwear and bras. I like little clothing. I love to be naked all the time. I mingle to similar mind people. I like your adventure

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