I share my wife with other men.

After 20 years of marriage and 4 kids I began sharing my wife with other men. We often went to bars on weekends there my wife at 52 often often got looks from guys and in time it turned me on and big time! My wife found it exciting that guys would pay so much attention to a woman at 52 plus being married and it got her excited also. One night after being at the bar she told me a guy had hit on her and from the way she told me i knew she wanted to see the guy and frankly it turned me on also. While making love that night she whispered in my ear if she could see the guy wow it really turned me on coming from my wife mother of my kids i never in my wildest dream did I think she would want another man other then me. I went silent for some time not knowing what to say but I found my self saying yes she could. To cut the story short my wife met the guy one night and didn't come until the early morning the next day it was the beginning of my wife giving her self to other men for after him there were other guys she seen from the bar as word got out she could be had. Sharing my wife really turned me on and she knew it and took advantage of it and i really don't blame her! My wife is a awesome lover as the guys from the bar soon found out as one by one soon f***** my wife. It wasn't until months later that we decided she have only one lover so she now has only one lover and she see's him often. My wife assures me that she still loves me and I believe her even though she is now a little w**** plus I love her like I first met her.

Apr 13, 2021

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