Who agrees that....

We should kill all rapefugees/deport them back to where they came from?

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  • Europeans deserves all the bad s*** that happens to them, stop whining you dumb b******

  • Rapefugees?

  • Defintion: A third world dumb s*** who comes to Europe, rapes white women, destroys Europe by refusing to assimilate and turning the place into the shithole they left behind.

  • Unwanted illegal migration is the inevitable consequence of interfering and destabilizing Middle East and African despotic nations through selling arms to their government or opposition groups.

  • You are just fuckingg jealous bcoz you can't work that hard and outsider gets the deal of the lifetime

  • Anti white!!!! I hope that you get your dumb libturd brains bashed out by the divershitty you advocate for!!!!

  • Let's start with your mom

  • I'm from the UK,and we get them here floating over in small boats,once they get near or intercepted,they're pretty much saved. Get taken to port,given clothes shelter etc,then a b***** house and unlimited benefits.
    Makes my p i s s boil!
    I say shoot the f****** e r s and start sinking their boats. They'd soon get the message and stay in France!!
    Calling themselves refugees,yet travel through 8 different countries to get to England????!!!!! Not the definition of refugee I'm afraid! They should go to the nearest safe country,then return when safe. Not go all the way to a country that will pay for their sh it ty lifes.
    I sense an uprising

  • How can we agree, when your proposition gives 2 options ?

    The death penalty for any rapist, is not proportionate and does not become proportionate just to satisfy the xenophobic leanings of the mob (which your comment seeks to incite)

    Deportation - Yes, because why should the taxpayer, bare the cost of their incarceration.

  • Rape? No. Kill? Unnecessary. Deport. Yes.

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