Licking workers food

That I lick peoples food in the fridges at work.
Mainly the females.
I rub the tip of my s****** with my fingers then handle their drinks bottles.
And once I went in the toilet after Claire had been in there,I was waiting outside and I heard the tampon bin shut before she flushed and washed her hands. I went in for a wee,but carefully opened the bin,her pad and a bit of tissue was the only thing in it!
Not b***** (I'm not that sick!) but wet and creamy with normal discharge.
I kept it and when I got home you can guess what I did to myself as I worshipped her scent.
I'm Latino and 27, claries' in her 30's and a redhead goddess

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  • Yes, you are that sick

  • GROSS! F****** GROSS!

  • What the heck, that's some sort of harassment...

  • No,not at all! If anything its recycling.
    Saving waste from landfill,and getting pleasure out of it.
    With the delicious bonus of tasting claries' most intimate parts,mmmm

  • Hows Claire getting on?

  • I'd say cool sick. I glanced in one of those bins and saw it was empty. A little later two teens or tweens used the bathroom and I followed them - wow, two empty applicators in the bin. No smell or anything on them, but I knew they were probably in those two's p****** a few minutes before, so I kept them and masturbated later about it.

    I can't figure out what you rubbed on the tip of the bottles, by why not just have your p**** out and rub that?

  • Forgot to say,keep up the good work brother!!

  • I tried to write s c h l o n g instead of c o c k as I figured it wouldn't get censored,but it did!

    I sometimes lay a layer of loo roll inside the bin if its got stuff in it,then I watch the traffic😁,if its been femaled,then I can go in ,and easily see what's fresh as its on top of the loo roll 👍
    I sucked an applicator after I saw who's it was once

  • Sick

  • As in cool sick?

  • No.

  • If I was there You better pray i not catch you or first id have my criminal in law vandalize your car anonymously and beat the s*** out of you.. Then I'd fire you at work and withhold your last paycheck as long as legally possible so you get evicted. Punk ass b**** . You be at church crying why oh why is all this happening to me .. Punk ass ...

  • Well that's not very nice of you,wanting to inflict violence personally,and destroying property personally when all I'm doing is a victimless pastime.
    Why would you fire me? Because you know that I've enjoyed the scent of your intimate area? That I've tasted your discharge? Did you want the pad?? If so,then why put it in the bin?!!
    If its in the bin its free game lady.
    And yes,I'd definitely seek out your pads,id be in the toilet after seeing you go in every time!!!

  • Muy delicioso!

  • Que te den por culo, cabron !

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