Little Mix

That I would be a human toilet for every single member of the band little mix!

I'm a married man in his 30's but holy s*** I love them!

Guilty pleasure,but one thing I would love is for them to squat over my face and p*** away!

Jan 23, 2019

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  • Perrie Edwards is the one I love. You can have all the rest.

  • Ok,but just let me take her panties off and lick them before you do👍

  • LOL. Deal!

  • Jessie for me!!! I would place my tongue on her chocolate starfish,and let her fart,I would then gently move my tongue around the starfish changing the pitch of the emitting gasses much like a kazoo.
    Maybe id be able to do one of their greatest hits?!!

    Also,as I'm here,I change the words on black magic to....

    " take a sniff of my dirty panties,one sniff and you're in love,for a smell that cant be broken,boy you belong to me,I've got the recipe,and its called black panties"

    Do I win a pencil? (hi sandy😉)

  • Can I be the tampon bin in the bathroom?

  • Lol I forgot i posted this confession😅
    But I dont care what the haters say,its not sick at all!! They are goddesses and I'd worship the fluids from their bodies!!

  • I don't care how good the girls look this is disgusting

  • Really? can you eat s***. I thought if we could eat s*** then there would be no need to wash hands

  • ….ewwwwwww………….GROSS!!!!!!!

  • #sickfuck

  • Sexy. Super sexy.

  • …..would love to taste all that……..mmmmm….

  • Those girls are the hottest creatures on the entire planet! DAMN!

  • No, that would be giant tubeworms that live near hydrothermal vents.

  • Agreed! Leave some for me!

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