I'm the A N A L guy

I'm the guy who trolls with the following:


Preceeded by either 'give her' or 'how about some' or ' You need '

Just thought you'd like to know its me.

I'm English if that helps



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  • "Hey guys, I troll real good right? Guys? Guys? I'm over here! Look THIS way! I'm really funny, right? Guys?


  • Oh look,its an attention wh**re! No thanks,we'll look the other way,no one likes a threadjacker.
    Go take your "real good" trolling elsewhere

  • I think they were mocking OP. See those cute little marks on both sides of the comment? Those are called quotation marks. Maybe learn a few things about communication before you get near a keyboard, muffin :)

  • Of course I knew that dumbass!!!!!
    Its called sarcasm.
    I learnt it off your mother one day when she was deep throating me

  • ^This a****** again, LMAO

    It leaves clueless and hostile comments, and then goes "hAha fOolEd yOu" when you call it out.

    Keep eatin' them paint chips, boy...

  • Haha well its YOU AGAIN!!!!
    Why upper and lower case letters in the same word?
    Do you grab your crayons in a fist when you scrawl your name down?
    And what's with the paint chips?😅

    Go huff your moms panties liners,boy...

  • When you're losing a battle of wits, immediately bring up the other person's mom. Every ret@rd does it, and every ret@rd thinks it wins them the argument. So sad...

  • Retards, thirteen year old boys, same difference. LOL

  • Bet you'd like some

  • Better than Belly Man and his thin novel fiction he writes up.

  • A four-alarm Taco Bell fueled diarrhea fest with a hangover is better than 'Belly Man'

  • What difference does it makes, we have so many morons here.

  • God, this has to be one of the truest comments I've ever read...

  • All of us loosers. me very much included.

  • Me too,I came for the excellent trolling opportunity's

  • I like staples

    everybody look at me me me

  • I am a pedo guy 😁

  • How you you talk and boys and girls..

  • Learn English before attempting to communicate. Thank you.

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