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My beautiful mother inlaw just got in the shower I'm excited for a fresh pair of her dirty panties to sniff taste and j*** off in please hurry with your shower can't wait to c** in them like I do every day

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  • She showered tonight when I was at here house and I got giddy like a little kid watched and waited for her to put her dirty clothes up and went to the clothes hamper took her panties and went to the bathroom and jerked off in them till I covered them in my warm c**

  • Oh you again why are you still living at your mil’s place loser

  • Nope have my own apartment also f*** off

  • Because his wife is an invalid,due to her morbid obesity!!!

  • Instead of writing the same s*** every time,why not be a bit more creative?
    Set the scene more. Describe the room,describe her ,say how the fabric looks in your hand, the way you find it,all rolled up in the hamper,as if she's just rolled them off her legs (my in laws are always like that)
    Tell us about her stains,how they are,colour,depth,scent and taste.
    How do you feel as you leave the bathroom after your deed and see her face to face.
    Do you converse with her as soon as you can so you're chatting with her scent still on your top lip?
    So, I suggest you start again.
    You'll get more of the comments you crave,instead of us telling you to STFU with your s***** lame pantie stories.
    Good luck from one pantie sniffer to another.
    I hate to see a fellow brother fail.

  • I will get more creative I'm just new to this hole thing and she is in the shower now so I'll have a fresh pair of her dirty panties soon I wish she would let me shower with her

  • I owe you a drink pal...👍🍸🍺

  • I do talk to her after I finish with her panties every time but I understand what you mean thanks for explaining instead of being a d*** about it

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