I have 3 children. The oldest 8 and the youngest 5.
I never thought being a parent would be so exhausting... slowly but surely it rips every ounce of life in you. when you decide to have a baby... you never know what you're gonna get. Some parents are fortunate to have children that are calm in nature, have similar Interests to one another and are happy to go along with anything. Some parents are not so lucky and are blessed with 3 children that all have different interests, different personalities, different wants and needs and you are one parent splitting yourself 3 ways each day and only to be told in action by your kids that it's never enough. They always want more and more. Never thankful, never grateful, fight with each other, argue with you and always want more... etc.
Those who judge other parents for not having the "the right attitude" live in a very small bubble and have no empathy for others. They may have never experienced hardship in their lives. While children are a blessing, whether you like it or not, they change your life forever... sometimes for the better and sometimes not so much.
I absolutely love my children, but I absolutely hate what my life has become as a result of having had them. It's an exhausting journey, filled with some great times, but also filled with an enormous about of anger, frustration, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, financial stresses... and the list goes on. In time as they get older I'm sure it will get better... but in the moment, it feels as though it's too hard a feat. I live each day trying to get through it...

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  • I am curious to know where my navy pants went i need them for job interviews and work. they cost money and I can't afford to lose things and be giving free things to others. so whoever steal them let them show themselves with sudden death. I am exhausted trying to do it all alone.

  • Why does this posting have 'single parent' written all over it??

  • Because OP is playing the martyr card, as single parents (especially mommies) love to do. You can bet she spends late August through December begging the world for everything her spawn need, from school supplies to the most expensive Christmas presents she can think of. But don't you DARE have anything other than beautiful things to say about her crotch goblins, no matter how idiotic or feral they are! "The Village" doesn't get THAT privilege-- you are only required to pay for the damn things, not raise a fuss if they knock over your mother in the grocery store.

  • Mine are 8, 6 and 4 so I know exactly what you mean. You are carrying a heavy burdon, don't be so h****** yourself. And don't trust Mothers who say its perfect or easy, they are full of crap! Hang in there, this too will pass. (Even though I'm sure it will only really pass if they ever get kids themselves)

  • You wrote a very nice comment You simply stated your true feelings and gave basic, genuine support using mild words. I feel that speaks well regarding your personality. You're certainly a woman that is easy to get along with. Your friends are fortunate to know you and I bet you are a terrific mom. Be well & be happy dear.

  • Apparently hard (and) on is not allowed to be written here...

  • Ya know?? Like how ludicrous is that??

  • As a single parent the first bit of advise I will give you is ,Never argue with your children! You are the parent , take control ,explain to them that your rules are not open for discussion . Next stop trying to please them all the time , it will never be enough. If you give them everything they want, they will only want more.Some disappointment in their life will be good for them , it will make them stronger individuals . It's ok to say no!

  • You're not alone. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs. It gets easier in different ways as they get older. You're doing a good job mama. Don't forget to be kind to yourself and treat yourself too. And reach out to friends and family when you need support. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Asking for help can be really hard to do sometimes. But it's so worth it, because you are worth it and they are worth it. Take deep breaths and take care of you. It's an ever changing process.

  • You need a support group. No one can parent on their own.

  • No,actually a lot of people parent on their own. They take on the responsibility of having children and then they raise them. This whole mind set of "it takes a village" is nonsense. What it takes is the two people that created this child to work together to provide and care for that child . Pick the man you want to have children with carefully, someone who has the save values as you , someone who wants children and will be there after the child is born to raise it with you. Here's a crazy thought, get married FIRST, get to know the man you married ,then start a family when you are BOTH ready.

  • Wow, you are a very judgemental and unsupportive person!! This doesn't apply to me, but for so many people - that is the dream - to be married, have children, etc... but have you not realized that we live in the real world not fantasy. There are so many families seperated by not only divorce, but tragedy, disability, death, leaving many single parents raising children on their own. You are a very narrow minded person, and clearly by you're message you must hold yourself at a higher level than other with regards to your parenting. Personally I hold your character as a person very flawed and your ability to
    Be compassionate, is slim to none. Shame on your judgement of others.

  • Holding people responsible for their own actions is not being judgemental. Sure there are many reasons for people becoming single parents , the number one reason is probably divorce. Whats the first thing woman do in the majority of divorce cases ? Alienate the father, reduce his impute to every other weekend as some form of punishment , while then complaining how hard it is to be a single mother. I'm sorry but its become some type of badge of honor to be a single mother. You can say I'm mean and uncaring but I still believe people need to be held accountable for the choices they make.

  • You're entitled to your own opinion, like everyone else. But that doesn't mean your opinion is fully accurate and it doesn't mean everyone is going to agree with it.

    Something that is accurate and factual is: In life there isn't any guarantees, with anything. Remember that and you'll be on the right track. Don't assume and presume everything, you're one person and your opinions whether based on facts or assumptions, don't account for the majority of individual view points. You aren't a spokesperson for anyone, but yourself.

    God bless you x

  • Stow the passive-aggressive god crap, sweetheart. That person spoke truth. Have the maturity to hear it.

  • There aren't any guarantees, couples who have children together, will remain together. However, regardless, parents should support their children no matter what

  • Are you a single parent, as you don't mention a partner? Do you have any loved ones such as; supportive, loving, family and friends you could talk to?
    It seems like you need emotional support :-)

    If you don't have any supportive social networks in your life, try single parent/parent support forums, chatrooms and blogs online, there are always online support forums, with people who would understand how you feel and try to support you. Even, if you visit a medical practitioner as well :)

    Good luck and one love to you, parenthood isn't easy, but you seem to be doing a great job!

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