Coming On to Me or ...

I'm friendly with our school groundskeeper who's black. My friends and I talk to him just about ever lunch hour, and see him during gym. Some of us have met him off school grounds to get a soda and talk s***. He has invited some of us to parties, which I and I don't think any of my friends have taken him up on. He is very nice and funny. He buy's us accessories for our phones. I have met him at a park a few times that is close to my home, he's brought some of his friends and keep asking me to party with them. What should I do? Leave this alone or trust him?


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  • Hope he not live in llanbradach that is my patch for p**** galore mmm I love p****

  • Leave it. Facts are, what's he's doing isn't appropriate. And I get that you don't want him to get in trouble. You should try to distance yourself from him and get your friends to do the same. If he becomes aggressive, you need to tell someone. No matter what. Best of luck!

  • He will become aggressive,their simian-esq brains cant handle rejection

  • Leave alone. He’s after p**** and that’s it.

  • Mmmm puuusssssyyyyyyyyy

  • Yup! Then he'll chop her up and dispose of the parts

  • I do get what you peeps are sayin. I'm not going to get him in trouble. I shouldn't have brought race into it, because that doesn't matter. Grooming, i'm not sure about. Parties are pretty common to go to, but I get that having an adult pushing that is sketchy.

  • Way to old at 18, once it starts to get hair and t*** it is too old

  • More than sketchy,its not right for him to be actively seeking a young girls company. When you're 18,then sure,go and hang out adult to adult,but as a kid,ummmm no!!!

  • I want to fuckk you too Trisha

  • He wants to eat you and you want that too

  • And what with him being a, he'll probably eat her with some tater tots and a side of watermelon πŸ‰

  • Hmm watermelon and mangoes....yum yum πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  • Or some shrimp gumbo πŸ˜…

  • Don't listen to the "chop up" trolls, they're just being idiots.

    Short answer: You and your friends are indeed being groomed. Bringing his race into it just muddies the waters-- you would be being groomed if he was white, yellow, red, brown, or purple with green polka dots.

    Now... are you going to listen to the advice you asked for, from people who have had actual life experience-- or are you just gonna do the "I know everything and I'll do what I want lol" teenage thing?

  • Oh no,she wont listen, she thinks she knows it all,yet cannot see how she is being groomed by a peadophile.
    Like you said,she shouldn't of mentioned race as it makes it seem racially motivated, fact of the matter is,she's being groomed by someone who's abusing his position of trust.

  • ....she won't listen? Didn't she ask for advice though?

  • Whats all this with being chopped up, not sure I get that. He's not asked for nothing. He and his boys talk with us girls at the park and we just chill with them. I like being around them and so do my friends. I don't think anyone of them would hurt us. As for parents, its parent, my mom is out of touch, and I wouldn't tell her anything about this cause she's a f'n racist. I think I can handle myself, and I'm open to checking out this relationship.

  • See,you idiot, you said " checking out this relationship"
    Therefore you Know his intentions, he's grooming,plain and simple,you think you 'get' it ,but you don't.
    Seriously stay away!!!!!

  • Watch, she'll "check it out" as long as she's still getting presents. Then when he goes to get what he thinks he's earned, she'll start screaming "OMG hes tryin to RAAAPE me i never saw this coming help help oh im so traumatized im just an innocent kid i didnt know omg". And probably play the race card, because even though she claims mommy is a "f'in racist" it wasn't mommy who felt the need to bring up the janitor's skin color.

  • Omfg.

  • If your parents or teachers knew he was buying you gifts, he would be dismissed. There's nothing wrong with being polite and courteous to others, but this is wrong. It's no different from a teacher-pupil relationship. He is abusing his position, and a line has already been crossed.

  • 100% agree, he's abusing that position and has started the 'grooming' process

  • Grounds keeper isn't much of a position, more of an opportunity than anything.

  • These two get it. They are wiser than you, girl. Listen to the advice YOU ASKED FOR.

  • Amen

  • Haha yep she's curious,but like the dude below reckons, she'll be gang raped by a bunch of blacks then chopped into pieces,melted in acid,and used to mop the school halls with

  • Haha,whilst whistling some good ol' tune!

  • He wants that p**** and you know you want him. You mentioned he buys you all stuff. Now he’s wanting something in return. Be honest and tell us you are curious

  • Black did you say??

    The deffo no . Do not trust a black man working at a school.

    He is grooming you,and will chop your bodies up and hide the body parts.

    Stay well away

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