Suggestions For My Relatives

That I Have Advised My Relatives, “That Should Seoul, South Korea come under North Korean artillery attack, “ They Are To Evacuate, If Living Near Large U.S. Metro Areas, IMMEDIATELY!”

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  • Where are you my yellow ting tong???

  • Yellow friend???

  • If the evacuate to the forests, hills or swamps they'll get cooked and eaten like dogs.

  • Haha!!
    Me so ho.rn.y for death to the west! 💀
    Our glorious leader Kim Jong Un has struck fear into your liberal underpants!

  • Lol, literally no one in America is scared of Kim Jong Un.

  • All this A+ English over here......

  • “Maybe, Someday, We Can Meet, As Friends! I Promise You, That Someday, We Will, And I Will Have The Opportunity To Shake Your Hand! Yang Ban, And Pak Sa, Are Not Just Limited To People In High Places! I Believe This With All My Heart! God Does, Too! An Ya Ha S** Mika; An Ya Ha Sao!

  • I will gladly shake your hand my yellow friend! We can dine together,both bringing a dish synonymous with our countries and est,drink and be merry!
    It will be a great day!
    My name is Martin,what's yours yellow friend?

  • I have been told, that Your President, “ Should Be Addressed As Yang Ban, Or Pak Sa! President Trump, Is An Honorable Man, And I Have Conveyed These Feelings To Him! There Is No Hate In Our Hearts For Your President, Or Your People! God Bless You!

  • God bless you too,my little yellow friend

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