Confused sissy need help

Hi im 29 married sissy been crossdressing for years wife doesnt know but lately all i can think about is a big c***. What im into isn't my wife cup of tea. I really want to indulge on my cravings but scared to i have a married couple i met who wants to use me what do i do

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  • I am a 50 something married 30 years. I am bi and also long time crossdresser (like since age 11). My wife has no idea. I dress fully whenever she is gone for a long time or I am way from home. I also under dress at work. Today I have on nude thigh high stockings, tan and black lace panties with a matching bra and small forms. I too want c*** all the time but have not meet a top that I can have an ongoing deal with. If you have that chance I would take it.

  • Hi thank u for the reply is there a way i can talk to u privately

  • What she doesn't know wont hurt her! but will improve your life exponentially as you wont be fixated on what you "cant have" but want and it may prove that trying it once will be enough to satisfy your itch!

  • Well, you shouldn't cheat on your wife, that's priority number one. But you could m*********, I guess???? Idk

  • You snap out if it you b***** dirty freak!!!
    Serious. Its seedy and plain dirty.
    If you do "indulge" then on behalf of everyone on here, I hope you get full blown aids.

  • Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for speaking for us all. I just LOVE it when people advertise their opinions as MY opinions! It's so great to know that you know everything about us! -_-

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