Party time gone wrong

I was out partying with a group of friends last weekend and after the party ended me and my BFF went back to her boyfriends place who happens to be my cousin, They have been together for 6 months and she is constantly telling me how big his package is, They went into the bedroom and I crashed on the couch, She opened the bedroom door and waved for me to come to the room, I did and she had him on the bad on his back blindfolded, She whispered to me asking if I wanted to see his...Package.
I was kind of grossed out but kind of curious but shook my head no, She nodded and I played a little hard to get but she pulled me into the room, He said "Are you still here" and went to remove the blindfold and she grabbed it saying "Hold on, I'm getting ready", He laid back and put his hands behind his head. My cousin is a player and has the whole jock thing going on so if he wasn't my cousin I would totally do him but that's not an option so...
I could totally see how big he is through his underwear and she was grabbing it and squeezing it showing me how big it is, I have only been with my boyfriend who is not circumcised and she keeps telling me how gross that is and how much better a circumcised one is, She started pulling his underwear down and the head popped out then she kept pulling and it seemed like there was no end to it. yeah he is my cousin but holy crap he has a big one, He lifted his bum and she pulled his underwear off, I stood there a little shocked at his size and length and how huge his b**** are.
Marissa wrapped both hands around it and it still stuck out the top, She pulled him down so his feet were on the floor and his bum was at the edge of the bed, She spread his legs and then pulled me down beside her, She was playing with his b**** and jerking him as we giggled silently, I kind of forgot that he was my cousin and was more focused on his sheer size so when Marissa took my hand and wrapped it around his shaft I just knelt there staring at how huge it is in my hand, Marissa got up on her knees and sucked the tip as she put her hand on top of mine making me stroke him, I had his shaft in one hand and his b**** in the other while she sucked him.
I admit that I was a bit mesmerized as I stroked him while she sucked him and when he came was when I broke my trance, She let his come run down his shaft and all over my hands which was what made it super weird for me, Marissa stood up and pulled me up beside her then sat him up right in front of me, Stood behind me slid her one foot between mine and made me spread my feet apart then reached around taking his hand and shoving it down the front of my sweats, He didn't even waste any time but slid his hand right onto my vag and slid a finger right in me, I panicked a bit but he puled his finger out and then shoved two in which was more than I have ever had in me, I don't know how he was doing it but he had two fingers in me and I think he was rubbing my c*** with his thumb but I am pretty sure he found my G-spot, Marissa stood behind me holding me up and I came faster and harder than I ever have, I had to hold onto her so I didn't collapse on the floor and when I stumbled back pulling his fingers out of me she stepped up in my spot, I didn't even notice she had taken her panties off but she took his hand and pretty much shoved it in her, He did the same to her but when she came she crawled on top of him and that's when I sneaked out.
I washed my hands which were still sticky and covered in come then had to change out of my sweats and panties because they were soaking wet, I don't know what he did down there but it was amazing.

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  • I call bullshit.

    And also what a boring tale

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