11 yo girl

You even met that girl that you would f*** to no end? I v never considered someone so Young in this way or anyone of any age you be honest. I had ... yes had a friend who's daughter that fit the description. Never met anyone I'd say I'd f*** to no end but her. After thinking it it took 2 years but finally hit that and didn't stop for 2 years. To be perfectty honest that was more then a decade ago . I did eventually get caught aND did my time but was worth it . If i didn't get caught I'd still be trying or would be with that girl today.
Call me what you will.
Believe me I get it.
But if you found that girl you'd do anything to get with you wouldn't do it



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  • This is so hot I would love to have a young lady to f***

  • What age would you think is perfect?

  • I want to do that to my sister's 13 year old female friend. s*** i would do to my 14 year old sister

  • 13 is a sexy age . Developing and so so tight.

  • I am the person s*** i would do that to my 14 year old sister by the way i am 24

  • I like no younger than 7 no older than 13

  • For me no younger then 10

  • When I was 13 I babysat two 7 yr old girls and their 9 yr old brother. I taught them all how tp suck my d*** and get f***** hard.All my friends got to f*** them also.i fied it all.wanna see?

  • Classyjack01@gmail.com

  • I remember your email address, you sent me an email that said nothing. From my point of view , would you respond to an email without any content?

  • How can I contact you?

  • Did you f*** them?

  • Yes lol

  • You like little kids? I do

  • Your reply isn't showing

  • Yes

  • Nice, any limits how yung?

  • Any limits how young?

  • I like girls 9 and up . You?

  • No limits

  • Any experience f****** younger then 9?

  • I have

  • Wasn't going to ask her but she asked me for it . Started just after she turned 11 and went on for 2 years . Any time I had a chance I was right in there for as long as I could which was surprisingly often. The second time I f***** her she told me when her parents have s** her mom screams . I told her that was because her dad f***** her mom hard and she asked me to f*** her as hard as I could. My dream lol . I f***** her as hard as I could . How tight she was made it hard to do but every time I f***** her I f***** her harder then the last . Amazing 2 years . Jail time was worth it .She's 24 now and I still want to f*** her . Amazing s** , was very s** and only got better looking . Still j*** off to those memories

  • Did you ass f*** her?

  • No , that's one thing I couldn't get her to let me do to her , let me do pretty much anything but that lol to bad to that would have been great

  • Nice , how young , youngest girl I've ever F***** is the girl I wrote about in the post 11yo girl

  • My 8 yr old cous I was 13

  • Awesome

  • She was, never had better p**** and I would love to do a young again

  • Same here , the first 20 times I F***** her it was great but very difficult, every time i pushed my c*** in her it took a real effort and every time I pulled it back a bit to thrust it back in her p**** it was so tight her p**** naturally pushed my c*** out. One h*** of a workout lol . Who needs weights just f*** a young tight p****. The 11yo wasn't a virgin when I got her but she had only had s** once before me. What was your first few times f****** her like?

  • Heaven , nothing beats very yung c***

  • F*** that lovely tight hairless p**** for me too, I would love to f*** her in all 3 holes

  • No details?

  • Yah for some reason text aren't coming through. Tells me you replied but no text with it. I am really interested in continuing this nasty convo lol I'm going to crash , gotta get up early for work so I'll message you tomorrow after I get off work. Maybe figure out a way to talk privately instead of publicly like this . Let me know if you want to chat tomorrow

  • Reply didn't show again

  • Forget showing me I want them to suck mine

  • Show me

  • That's hot I love toddler s**

  • We would love to see anything you have :)

  • Trade?

  • Got pictures of 12 n 16 yrs old email me Vazquez_capricornio100@yahoo.com

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