Wanna hear your most nasty and completely wrong desires

Nasty guy here looking for other nasty people . Show me yours and I'll show you mine.
And I do mean nasty . Things other people would think is beyond nasty but I think is great



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  • I want to suck a c*** right before he inserts it into a very hot female then clean them both. I could do this many times and I know a females I would love to try

  • Is it wrong that I want to f*** my bestfriends boyfriend?
    I have had the hots for him since my bestfriend started dating him. Now I want nothing more than to f*** him. I don't want to date him, I just want to have s** with him one time. Men are dogs though, I will get him alone at some point and it will happen.

  • Wish i could grope your p**** and killed it brutally

  • I want to rape every single beautiful woman in this world...Amen

  • I f***** a corpse in the morgue.
    No shame,she was a cutie,30 something blonde.
    One of my best jobs that was!! Gutted when I was moved departments.
    And yes if you must know, I licked that cold pu$$y!

  • I almost made this happen. I told my wife at the very last moment I couldn’t go through with it.
    She hired a male escort to have a threesone. He was to f*** her and I was to lick them clean the entire time they were having s**. I wanted so bad to watch her with someone like her ex who was well endowed. She had previously told me he could almost make her climax immediately. She also said if she ever got another big c*** inside of her it would be very hard once again for her to just stop having s** with him.
    She had found an ad with a guy who was very well endowed and was willing to do whatever she wanted which included taking me from behind. It was so encouraging knowing she wanted all this and I wanted to see him ride her hard and deep like her past lover but was afraid she would continue to desire it and go looking for it behind my back.Thats how she found Michael her past lover.
    I didn’t want to lose her. She is very very attractive and well fit and has many many followers for her experience with fitness on Instagram. I wanted so badly to watch her take 10” as opposed to my thin 5”
    She told me she was a different person when she had a big c*** in bed with her.
    I’m still thinking so hard about it but just unsure

  • I would love to dress up in ladies lingerie and play with, suck on and let you fu*k my tight ass with your beautiful 5" co*k while you looked after the stud filling your wife's pus*y.

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