The Prophetic Film - "The Day After Tomorrow"

Has anyone noticed that this film seems to be on TV, at least once a month on one channel or another?
Now we see that the polar vortexes depicted in the movie are actually happening in the US.
Then we get the tweet from Trump -
"In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What the h*** is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we need you!"
Is life imitating art?

Feb 2, 2019

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  • 60 below is with windchill. Actual temperatures hit 30 below. Now while people sit here and say we have never seen temperatures that low, that is not true. We hit 30 below in both the 1970's and the 1980's. Making these temperatures not an anomaly.

  • The local school closed due to getting colder than -40 Celsius. Only -38 this morning. Still took kids to school. Those are not the modified rating.

  • -40 C is the same as -40 F. But I'm sure you know that, that's why you picked that temperature, not that it's what you were supposed to have.

  • But what about Seth MacFarlane? Or are you too scared to say anything about him because of the illuminati?

  • F*** Seth MacFarlane

  • Illuminati are now onto you!

  • Bring it b.itch

  • The tornado catastrophe weather movies don't cause them. It's high jetstreams being interupted and diverted under warm moist air masses. Kaboom! Let's make a movie! It's easy to animate flying CG cows.

    The weather movies have been explored since black and white. So it isn't quite what you think. Life is imitating art. Plus it's a simple plot device that if you can't write and develop a villan that you hate and love. The weather is the atagonist.

  • I was hoping for more interesting people to respond to my post

  • You're fishing for a specific response. Name it or get your jollies elsewhere.

  • Knowing this site,probably belly sitting??😅

  • If you wanna worry yourself,look on Seth McFarlane conspiracys on reddit!!!

    So much stuff he has put out on family guy and American dad,happened BEFORE very similar events really did happen!! From the Boston bombings,to 9/11 clues, even the death of George bush senior.

    George Herbert walker bush. ( ex president)

    Herbert the pervert uses a Walker : Herbert Walker

    The death of Herbert the pervert happened 2 days after the real life death of G.Bush snr!

    And we all know about the secret envelopes going round to the select few at bush snr's funeral,and the looks of horror they received, and the rumours of him kiddy fiddling!!!!

    Seriously check it out in reddit!! Very strange!!!!!!!

  • Yo summit dodgy is up for real

  • Damn!!!!

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