I always wondered

My dad got remarried about 5 years ago to a very attractive woman, She is obviously older, I believe she is 46, same age as my dad but she is just a very attractive woman, Tall, Blonde and lets say...Curvy, A little thick out back, A little thick in the legs, A little bit of a muffin top if her shirt rides up, B**** that could smother a man, Like no s***, giant b**** which were a bit of a surprise when I seen them but i'll get to that.
I travel a lot for work and am seldom ever home so rather than rent or buy my own place I have a suite downstairs in my dads house, I have my own entry and everything so they never know whether i am home or not and are always surprised when i come wandering upstairs, Yesterday I woke up and heard dad leave for work then I wandered upstairs, I heard the shower running and knew Carol was in the shower, As I sat there eating my mini wheats I started to wonder what she looked like naked and if it was all I imagined it would be, When I heard the shower stop I started to think I should try and figure out some way to get a peek at her but it was daytime so widow peeping was out and really there wasn't a whole lot of options.
I walked up to the bedroom door and could hear her quietly singing as she did whatever she was doing in there, I got down on my knees and could just see under the door a little bit, I could see her feet and could see she was walking back and forth to the closet, When she walked to the closet which is the furthest point from the door I could almost see her knees and as she stood in front of the closet I seen her towel hit the floor.
I stood up and took a couple deep breaths preparing to open the door and chickened out, I was going to walk away and stopped trying to decide, I reached into my sweat pants, Got my c*** out through the flap in my tighty whities so it was visible through my pants and thank god I took so long to open the door because as I swung the door open she was standing facing the door and had one hand full of lotion, I stopped and surveyed the whole scene, turned left then right and held her hand out full of lotion saying "Oh Geeezus", She was trying to cover up...Not very well and had a hand full of lotion she didn't know what to do with.
I could see it all, She is a natural blonde, Not shaved but has a well manicured lawn, From the front her pu$$y looks good, puffy, pink lips and blonde hair, Her t!ts are huge, Big, Round and hangy with big dark areola's and they are oblong and bumpy with big long brown n!pples, She had one hand across her chest but both t!ts were showing, She just kept looking at me and trying to cover up as I stared at her body, She grabbed her towel, Wiped her hand on it then covered herself and turned her back to me, She obviously didn't think about the back because she never even tried to cover her bu++ as she grabbed her pants pulling them on, she kept looking back as she bent over and got her legs in her pants and i leaned over looking right in between her legs.
I had a full view of her from behind, A little bit of cellulite showing as her a$$ jiggled but her pu$$y is great for an older gal, No big hangy flaps or anything, I could just see a hint of her inner lips sticking out and a pink little bu++ hole, I was fully hard by this time and it was fully visible, Finally when she had her pants pulled up she turned to face me again and had her towel hiding her b****, She said "JIMMY" (Obviously not my real name) then lifted her eyybrows high and tilted her head to the side, I actually stuttered, I wasn't even trying I just did, I was like "I...I...I...Oh s***" and then turned my head away.
I bolted out of the room before she could say anything else but within seconds she was in the kitchen, She had on a shirt but obviously no bra with her big b**** jiggling and hanging down, She looked at me and said "Ummm...What's up?", I said "Oh god, I am so sorry, I didn't know you were in there", She said "You gotta knock" and I said "I know, I'm sorry, I thought you went to the gym on wednesday's", She said "No...Tuesday and thursday but still", She said "What were you coming in our room for?", I thought quick and said "I was gonna grab the keys for dads old truck, Mine won't start".
She took a deep breath and sighed, She sat on a bar stool and I walked around the counter so she could see I was still rock hard I said "i am so sorry, I didn't mean to stare i just" and she looked confused and said "You just..." and I said "I just have never seen such a...Gorgeous body", She turned red and said "Uh, You weren't staring, I seen you lean over to look", I said "Again...So perfect", She kept looking at my b0ner and said "Ok, Look, I know...You are 19 and your hormones are raging but...You shouldn't...", I looked down and she looked down and I said "Oh...Uh...yeah, I have never seen b**** like" pointing to her chest, she looked down and covered her huge n!pples which were showing through and said "Yeah, Um, Yeah I just...I don't know what to...", I interrupted and said "And your pu$$y", She made a face and said "Oh god, Take my advice, Don't ever call it that" then she put up her hands and said "Ok, Lets just chalk this up to an awkward family moment and just...I don't know".
I sat down on the stool beside her and said "Can I see them again", She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair then said "Uhhh...I think you have seen enough...More than enough" then she stood up, Went and got the keys for me and handed them to me, I still had a h****** and she looked at it then shook her head and walked away.
She is a total MILF and i need to see more.


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  • I spied on my step mom one time in the shower, I was 17 and she was 46, They have a pocket door on their ensuite bathroom and I heard the shower running, I slid the door open a bit and seen her sitting on a built in bench, I could only see her reflection in the mirror but it was a great view, She is a decent looking woman, Little chubby, Short but probably super cute when she was younger.
    She sat there relaxing in the shower and after a couple minutes grabbed a handful of shaving gel, Spread her legs, Lathered up her p**** and shaved it all but a V on the front and stood up to rinse it off. She sat back down and shaved her legs and armpits and I got to completely see her p**** as she did her legs, She has an ok p**** then I watched her reasonably large b**** jiggle as she washed her hair. Only one time but pretty cool.

  • HORSESHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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