Nigerian Scammer

Ok, so in my spam folder I have received an email from a Nigerian scammer,usual bullshit of how money has been awarded to me $250,000 from the IMF etc,they're paying me by western union and have already sent the daily maximum of $7500 ,all I need to do is follow the link and give my details for the rest if it......
Sounds legit......!!!
Obviously I'm not touching that link,or giving any details.
But the dumb A-hole also left a contact number for me should I need help on whatsapp.
I saved it to my phone,and went on whatsapp,and his profile pic is some black dude in a suit,looking studious in a study😅
I want to troll him.
Also,if anyone else wants his number,let me know and I'll post it,and we can all troll the scammer!!!
Any ideas on how I can get this goon reeled in,
I've seen loads of funny Nigerian 419 scam baiters on images and want to add to them😅

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  • I got ripped off by an investment company named cryptoallday by sending them all my life savings, I invested $70,000 of my trust-fund money and was hoping to triple my capital in a week as they promised. When it was time to withdraw my profit I was being coerced into sending more money for my cashout which I ignorantly did.. To cut the long story short I lost all the money and was left with nothing so I began searching the whole web for somebody who could recover stolen bitcoins. I searched for at least 4 months and came across different rippers again but I couldn't quit because I had nothing more to lose paying anybody to get my $100,000 (total amount I paid them).
    Finally, I came across a recovery company CREDITSOLUTION63 and they did excellent in helping me recover my bitcoins. I was counseled by their group of experts and learned more about Bitcoins, at the same time recovered my total money lost, I can confidently refer anybody that was in my situation to them because I'm sure they offer genuine help. Be careful out there guys
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  • I watched a good youtube vid of a guy that turned the scam back on the fake indian windows support that get into your computer and steal personal data. The guy explained step by step how and showed how he turned it on the scammer and wiped out the scammers machine.

  • Wasn't there some English dude who scammed the scammers by insisting they meet in person.

  • Haha,I'll have to look him up😃👍

  • Can you get an old laptop and load Linux on it and then follow the link. Set up a deposit only bank account (yes they do exist).

  • I've never heard of that,but I do have a couple of old laptops in the garage,would be good if I did get some money haha!

  • Welcome to Tech support center, oh no there is a virus on your computer just pay $199 to get if fixed for nothing🤓😆

  • Sitting on the phone and sending emails is his job.
    So if you call and waste their time it's a missed call on some other victim.
    There are plenty of videos showing what to do for different types.

  • Uhhhh, I don't know, you could probably work with the cops?

  • I've been reminded that most cops are useless. Then the F.B.I., maybe? I know at the very least, they'd want to catch the scammer.

  • Cops actually doing their jobs instead of strutting around acting like bullying buffoons? Must be nice in the innocent little town you live in.

  • Id just troll the Negroid scammers ass!!!! Get him to hold a fish in his hand wearing a fedora so you can confirm he's 'genuine' lol

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