Now I'm intrigued

My close friend and I were sitting around the other night having a glass of wine...Ok, Maybe two and a half bottles and we had begun a discussion about our bedroom antics when we were younger compared to now. I had admitted that I let my husband have one indulgence that is 100% for him, I have no interest in it and it doesn't pleasure me in any way but I do it "For him".
She looked at me and said "Oh my god...What?", I laughed and said "You never?" and she said "Yeah, Once with an ex of mine who" and stuck up her pinkie finger, I laughed and said "Really?" and she said "Haa, Totally, Like for real the size of my thumb", She said "You let (My husband)" and I said "yeah for sure...Twice a year". If you haven't figured it out, On my husbands birthday and our anniversary I let him stick it in my butt, Does nothing for me no matter what other activities you add to it or any of the positions he has tried over the years and it totally kills any kind of enjoyment from my "Special toy" which i always use at the same time.
I love my husband and I figure it's a small price to pay for him putting up with all he puts up with, waking up at 5 in the morning never missing a day of work and even on days when I look outside and can't believe anyone is out there in those conditions he is hard at work so I can stay home and raise our kids, She was a little bashful but looked at me and said "He's a pretty big guy" which he is, He is 6 feet tall and an average build but I said "Well, Maybe not as big as you would expect", She said "Well....That's where the difference is" and I jokingly said "Oh?", she laughed and said "Yeah, Not a chance that is ever gonna happen".
We continued on talking and laughing and after a few minutes I said "Ok...How frickin big is it?", She laughed and said "Pretty big", I said "Never measured it", She got red and i burst out laughing, I said "YOU HAVE, C'mon, How big?" She told me he is packing 8 when hard but it's the girth that makes it not an option, She said they had never measured but said she can't touch her fingers together when wrapped around the thickest part My eyes got wide and we were well into our second bottle by that point, She laughed and said "You can never tell anyone you seen this" and pulled out her phone, She opened a picture and slid it across the counter, I put my hand over it and looked at her, I said "Oh god, Really?", She laughed and said "Before I come to my senses".
I lifted my hand and peeked then slapped my hand back down, My jaw dropped and I lifted my hand again, It was a picture of him standing in their bathroom not even hard, Like half hard and that thing was hanging like a tubesock, I looked at her and she said scroll left, I scrolled left once, Him on his back and it covered his belly button, He is...Cut down there and I have only seen one like that before and it was not at all big but his sure is, I scrolled left again and he was standing sideways pointing up and I was in shock, I scrolled once more and there was a video, I held it up to her and she thought for a second and said "Whatever", I clicked play and the camera scrolled across the bed to him then her hand entered the screen and grabbed his monster and started stroking, I was flustered and felt a rush of warmth over my body, I stared at the screen and swallowed hard, He is an absolute anomaly among white guys from what I know.The video was pretty short video 3 minutes or so but by the time it was over I had watched her give him a handy to completion, She was totally embarrassed that she had shown me the video but we laughed it off.
I would never cheat on my husband but if he ever gave me permission to take that on and she was down for it I would totally be on board, I don't think I could do much with it but it would be fun to try.

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