It finally happened

So I posted a confession about a month ago titled “Ruining a Family”, where in I had broken up a friend of mine and his wife, had started dating his wife, and was attempting to sleep with her 21 year old daughter. Well...

Last night after a winter carnival I was asked to drive her drunk ass home. On the 45 minute drive back to her house, she whined, moaned, bitched and complained about how her most recent b/f broke up with her. I listened and smoked cigarettes and pretended like I gave a f***.

When she had finished talking about it I looked her dead in the eyes and told her maybe she just needed to get laid to help her forget the bullshit he put her through. She laughed and said maybe you’re right.

We ended up back at her house and having s** for the next two hours. When I arrived back home, I explained to her mother/my g/f that my car had gotten stuck in a ditch and that’s why it took me so long to get home. I ended up throwing it into her also before going to bed with the biggest god damned smile on my face. Now I just have to deal with the consequences should she find out about this.

Life is f****** amazing right now!


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  • Spreading over from "now a queen". …… …?

  • Ru there?

  • I saw your earlier posting, and am glad now to know where it led. Now, I just hope it continues for you, with both mother and daughter. Why? Because you're my hero. I want to be you!! DAMN!

  • LMAO,you're blatantly the OP😃 commenting on your own lame as.ssed post!! FUCKOFF you sad fud

  • Nuh-Uhhhh!! Noamnawt!!! *pounds fists on ground while rolling around crying* Nuh-Uhhhh!!

    Okay, fine. You caught me.

    Now please pay lots and lots of attention to me, because my life is a neverending pit of despair and Daddy didn't hug me enough and I'm kind of stupid, in case it wasn't obvious.

    Love and STI's,
    Idiot OP

  • Bullshit cockjockey

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