So much confusion

I have a guy friend who I am pretty close with, Not my BFF by any means but we hang out sometimes and the other night we were supposed to be hanging out with another friend who had to leave early which left just the two of us. We were watching the movie and there was a pretty explicit s** scene which in the middle of I looked over and noticed that he had a very obvious bulge, I said "You like her?" and he looked at me as I motioned to his lap, He covered up and said "Hey now", I laughed and said "Well, Hard not to notice" and he said "Yeah well I don't say anything when you are showing anything", I said "Like what?" and he started telling me about how some of my bikini tops are see through when wet and that I am sometimes careless when I am "Going commando" which is pretty much most of the time.
I looked at him and said "Jamie...Have you seen my..." looking down and he turned soooo red, I was like "Oh my god...You have seen my vag?", He just shrugged and laughed saying "Why do you think I always let you go first on the stairs?", I punched him in the arm and he laughed, I was more than a little embarrassed and things got a little awkward for a minute but then I said "Ok, Now you have to show me your wiener", He laughed and said "yeah riiiiight" and I just sat staring at him with my arms crossed, He asked if I was serious and I said "Whip it out". I didn't actually think he would but he stood up and teasingly pulled his pants down and back up without showing anything, I squinted my eyes at him and he said "For real?", I just stared at him and he said "Alright" and pulled them to his knees.
I have been with only one guy and he was not super big, I have seen a few and Jamie's is big, I thought guys who weren't cut were supposed to look bigger and my ex was uncut but Jamie is cut and his is obviously way bigger, I looked at it for a minute and then said "Ok...We're even" and he pulled his pants back up. We finished the movie and...Yeah, I spent most of the time thinking about p****, When the movie ended I looked at Jamie and he said "Well...I should get going", I said "Or..." and he paused, We started kissing and thank god my parents were not home because I had an O...My first O from intercourse. I don't know what he did differently but I don't even think it was from his size, Just his body positioning did something different and left me in a melted puddle on the floor, By the time I caught my breath he was hard again and we moved to my room, I was so close but couldn't pull off a second O although he did.
I don't want to be in a relationship right now and it would be super weird to be with him but I haven't stopped thinking about what happened since it happened, for real, Like two seconds after, It became all I have thought about.
What do I do now?, He is supposed to stop by later to pick up his watch which he left here and I don't know if I can stop myself from...Ya know.

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  • I am now 16 and last june 2nd,when i was 15,i finially made my First Holy Communion in the class of 2019 with the 7 and 8 year olds.I was dressed as a little girl in a short sleeve,poofy,above the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.After my party,Kurt,the boy whom i had a crush on at the time,came and brought me a card and a little figurine! I was so flattered!He saw my outfit and told me i looked just like a little girl and i thanked him.We went down stairs to our finished off basement to be alone and were sitting on the couch when he put his arm around me and started kissing me!I was so lost in the moment and excited!We got into kissing fairly heavy and i could tell he was aroused.A couple minutes later he ran his hand up between my legs to my crotch and felt my toddler size plastic panties and asked me why i was wearing them.I told him that they are what the little girls wear under their communion dresses,so my parents had me wear them also.He thought that was really little girlish and rubbed his hand all over them! He unzipped his pants and got out his hard p**** and put my hand on it and i was surprised at how hard and big it was! He pulled me over so my head was on his lap and he put his hand on his p**** and pulled my head forward and thrust his p**** into my mouth! It tasted weird and he then started thrusting my head back and forth,shoving his p**** down my throat! A few minutes later he came and shot his full load into my mouth! I gagged and he forced me to swallow it all! We are still together now!

  • Pretty sure it's a dude, especially when the OP wrote, "We finished the movie and...Yeah, I spent most of the time thinking about p**** " Really? Thinking about p**** ?? Doesn't fit the story and I think you messed up.

  • Why do you sound like a dude? I'm guessing it's because you are.

  • There is a guy in my group of friends who I have s** with a couple times a week and no one knows, Tee hee.

  • I know! I know that feeling.

  • No we don't "know".
    So wash out your stank vag and stfu

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