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I’m a happily married women who has gotten more sexual as I get older. There is nothing wrong with my husband. He has always been a great lover with a beautiful slightly above average d***. He has always satisfied me in any way I wanted. For the past several months my s** drive has gotten insane. I find myself looking at p*** and have been drawn to the videos of men with big d****. When I was younger I had a boyfriend who had a big d*** but I always found it painful. I have no idea why I feel this way. I even bought a large d**** which feels good but it lacked something. I struggled with these feelings and even fantize about having a wild sexual affair while my husband f**** me. While I was in the middle of these feelings I met a coworker of my husbands at a pool party. His name is brad and he’s a nice looking guy with a good body and personality. I really wasn’t thinking about anything while I was sitting poolside until brad got out of the pool. As he walked his wet swim shorts clumg to his hips and you could clearly see the outline and bulge of a huge d***. All I could do was stare at it. My p**** was wet and throbbing. I made a point to corner brad later that evening and talk with him. Without even trying I was flirting with him and he back to me. It was like I forgot I was married. My hormones were going crazy and all I could think about was getting on his d***. As he turned to walk away I asked him if I could call him sometime. I said it without even thinking. My heart was racing as he looked into my eyes and stood close to me. He paused , looked around the room and gave me his extension number at my husbands office. He walked away with a smile and I felt giddy for the first time in many years. All that night all I could think about was having a one time wild sexual encounter outside my marriage. The thought set my brain on fire and I pounced on my husband. It was the hottest s** we had in a long time. The next day all I could think is if a sexual fantasy made me that way what would an affair do? For the next two days I masturbated like mad but all it did was frustrate me. The next day I summoned up the nerve and called brad at work. After a few minutes of inane chit chat I got straight to the point. I told brad my feelings and what I wanted. He said he was game as long as my husband didn’t find out. I told him it would be a one time thing and he agreed. We made plans to meet at his place that afternoon. My husband came home from work around seven pm so we would have a four hour window to get away with it. I met brad at his place at 3 pm. My heart was racing the whole way there but I felt calm. I knocked on the door and brad let me in. He was trying to make small talk as he closed the door but i didn’t want to hear it. As he turned I pounced on him and our lips wrapped into a hot kiss. His hands were all over me as our tounges swirled in each other’s mouths. We kissed passionately for several minutes then his hands grabbed my ass and pulled me into his body hard. That’s when I felt it. Even I’m his pants in could the hardness of his big d*** press against me. My pissy was dripping down my thigh. I wore a little sundress with no panties. He began kissing my neck and our breathless moans filled the air. I couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly unbuckled his belt and ripped his pants down. There it was. His d*** was huge. It was slightly bigger than my husbands but it was massively thick. Brad was younger then me and his d*** was so gorgeous. It was thick and slightly curved with a huge set of b****. Before I could think I sank to my knees and engulfed his huge c*** in my hungry mouth. I played with his b**** as my tounge swirled around his c*** head. The taste of his sweet pre c** filledy mouth. Every nerve in my body was on fire and I was leaving a puddle of p**** juice on his floor. He gently held my bobbing head as I sucked him and he moaned his approval. He suddenly grabbed my shoulders and picked me up off the floor. He swept me to the nearby couch , laid me down and immediately began eating my already sloppy p****. The moment his tounge licked my c*** I cried in pleasure. Waves of ecastay swept over me and within minutes I had my first o******. My mind was swirling as he threw my legs over his shoulders and guided his huge d*** to my gaping hole. He rubbed his monster up and down my slit which made feel like I was dieing from pleasure. Then he slid his big d*** in me. Slowly he pushed into me and with every thrust I begged for more. He teased me for a few minutes then in a fit of l*** I wrapped my legs around his waist , grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into me. I cannot describe the intense pleasure I felt as his thick c*** stretched me wide. His huge d*** filed me in a way that I have never experienced before. I screamed in pleasureable pain , held him there for a minute and then commanded him to f*** me. The feeling of his thick d*** sliding in and out of me set my p**** on fire. I was moaning and screaming,meh was grunting and breathing hard. It was simply the greatest sexual moment of my life. The magnificence of his tool and the forbidden fruit of the situation made it insanely hot. We f***** in every position we could think of non stop. His stamina was amazing. We were locked into our own dimension of ecasty as we f***** and kissed deeply. I never had sexual chemistry like this with anyone before. We were covered In each other’s sweat as I rode his big d***. He made small thrusts but let me have control putting his d*** right where I needed it. We were kissing deeply , our hot breath mingling when I felt a burning o****** overtake me. My legs shook and my body twitched uncontrollably. I pushed down on his d*** , arched my back and with my eyes clinched I had the most intense o****** of my life. It wouldn’t stop. It had a mind of its own and I suffered through multiple o******* all at once. The world melted away and all I had was my o****** punishing me. I think I may have blacked out for a few seconds. I was snapped back to reality by brad thrusting harder. I still had my eyes closed as I felt him tense up. He grunted and then screamed. I felt his hot c** flood me. I didn’t think about this part and I definitely didn’t want him to c** in me but it happened so fast. I was shocked at first and my eyes were wide as they met his. Then we kissed deeply as he continued thrusting. I could feel every spurt as swollen c*** throbbing it’s load into me my unprotected married p****. Just that thought alone made me grind my p**** against his still hard c*** and i whimpered through a small yet satisfying o******. I was exhausted and we fell limp into each other’s arms. I lay there with his soft d*** still inside me. I could feel his c** drip out of me. I finally crawled off him and saw the puddle of c** on his pubic hair and c***. I felt emotional as I licked the c** up and cleaned his wonderful d***. I was in love with his d***. Not him just his d***. My p**** was stretched , raw and completely satisfied. I lay there in his couch with my eyes closed running my hands all over my body. My skin was electric and every sensation was intense. I had never felt this way before. As I drove home I felt like a completely different person. I didn’t feel bad that I had just cheated. I was mad at myself for waiting so long to do this. Even my husband noticed the difference in me. I still f*** brad from time to time but now I have branched out trying different men. That’s the person I am today. I need the variety and secrecy. It had made my marriage a hundred times better. Maybe someday I’ll cuck my hubby and bring him into the circle. For now this will work.


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  • You should cuck your husband bring him into the action . Maybe get him to wear bras and panties and be a c** licker

  • I’d hate to be your husband. All the good years you had you’ve tossed out like garbage. I don’t know what’s wrong w society today. “One time only” huh? I guarantee that if the husband did this you’d be p***** and want a divorce. You should really be ashamed. If you want more men at least leave him instead of treating him like s***. And the worst thing is you did it w his coworker and he’s blind to it.

  • Nah... she should ask him for an open relationship. Nothing wrong with asking for that!

  • You’ll do it soon. You won’t be able to resist the next hot guy that happens to cross your path. The temptation will drive you to cheat. Then you will do it over and over until you get caught

  • Maybe she should tell her husband. Open relationships can be great!

  • Why not just tell him the truth. That you're a nasty s*** who can't control herself. And that your sexual gratification means far more to you than your marriage. Let him divorce you, and agree to let him have everything. After all, you can easily earn a fantastic living f****** just a few guys a night. Then you'll be living an honest life as a w****. An getting all the d*** you want.

  • That's so harsh. :( Maybe she should tell her husband and they work out an arrangement. Monogamy isn't best route for everyone!

  • O b****...i am suffering from same ...handover yourself to me i will eat day night till either you are dead or i am...please

  • All you had to say it was the best s** ever instead of writing a detailed book.
    This still makes you a cheating nasty s***

  • Disgusting👊

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