I'm in love with mom

I'll try to keep it short. I'm 32yo guy and i've been in love with mom since i was 12-13. I used to m********* a lot while using her dirty panties , thinking about s** with her. That lasted for a very long time and of course, i got caught a few times during a process. After noticing stains on her panties again 2 years ago, we had a "real" conversation for the first time and after 20 mins of feeling embarrassed i actually confessed everything to her and told her i'm madly in love with her. She already had the idea what was going on, but nothing happened at first and thankfully she never shared that with my dad or anyone else. She's 54 now and she is so hot, she looks 10 years younger at least. Just a week or so later, she left her worn panties on my pillow and of course, i used them. Next day i asked her what was that about and we had another conversation. She confessed that she was also turned on by the idea of incest for some time, so we talked about our desires, not openly the first time, but we had similar conversations during next couple of days. Anyway, she actually made the first move and grabbed me by my c*** through pants during one of our conversations and we had s** right after that. During first few months we had s** daily, sometimes even couple of times a day. Of course, we had s** only when dad wasn't around, and later on, she even started coming to my room at night while he was asleep, just to have quickie. He has absolutely no idea what's been going on for the last 2 years, but couple of months later, mom stopped having s** with him and they've been sleeping in separate rooms ever since. He talked to me quite a few times about "their" situation and he can't figure out what did he do wrong. I honestly feel sorry for him, and whenever he initiates such conversation i feel responsible for his depression and i feel like s***, but i can't stop my relationship with mom because i love her too much. I stopped dating other girls (not that i had too many) after starting with her, since i'm truly only turned on by her and s** is amazing.

For the last 4 months or so, mom started having thoughts about divorcing him and buying our own place where we could live together, just the two of us. She told me i could use a "cover story" for moving in with her, as helping mom out since she can't afford to pay the bills on her own. To be honest, idea of living with her in our apartment is more than tempting, but i honestly feel bad about dad. Even though i feel like s*** because of the situation with dad, i know i'll do whatever she wants me to, because i'm in love with her and i need s** with her badly. I know it will happen soon enough, because she started mentioning it quite often lately and we even found couple of suitable places. Even if she divorces him and even if we move (or maybe better said when we move), we will keep out relationship secret, but we'll have much more privacy and freedom inside our own place.

Feb 6, 2019

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  • I had s** with my drunk mother when I was a teenager. Mom was so drunk she had no idea that it was her son having s** with her and she never said anything about it to me

  • Your guilt feelings associated with cheating your dad are understandable.However, incest is better than letting her sleep around with outsiders as they can humiliate your dad and even abuse your mom.

    Now your mom wants to divorce him.That is going to be h****** him.I feel you should talk it over with her and dissuade her.Tell her you will always be her lover.If she still insists,then of course comply and simultaneously look after your dad when he needs your help,especially when be is ill and old.
    I don't know how he will take it but some people in this situation talk it over and the fathers accept incest without breaking the family.
    So you and your mom can sleep together in a bedroomand he slerps separately.He might actually like to watch However,this is just a guess.
    I wonder how you can broach this topic with your father-whether he will approve-if your mom approves.

  • Good answer. My dad has no idea about me and my mom having s** and he doesn't need to know.

  • Spot on.How do you manage?Is he out most of the time and you and mom are home all the time?

  • My dad normally goes to bed early, which leaves me and my mom to spend the evening together. There is age difference between my mom and dad.

  • Which mean :

    He is in deep sleep most of the time

    and you both aren't noisey.
    Isn't there a slight chance of your father getting up and finding out? What will you do if he does?

  • My dad is deaf and my bedroom is downstairs in our house. So the chance of being caught is very slim. Worth the risk.

  • Why not invite me over to join the action?

  • Very convenient.Who does she look like?

  • What s**** you both are to your dad.

  • Not my mom but my sistet and i have fun together

  • I find mother/son invest stories so hot. When I was around 10 I began wearing
    Mom's panties to j*** off in and then it evolved into my dressing up in her panties, thigh high stockings, control brief, one of her half slips, and her bra. I loved jerking off while wearing them and wished Mom would catch me and like what I was doing and let me do it in front of her and then eventually having s_x with her. Our maid (30 yrs old) caught me one time and she wanted to watch me dress up in front of her from then on. She would take care of me, while i felt her out thru her clothes. Nothing ever happened with Mom though.

  • S** with your mom is great isn't it? My mom can't get pregnant anymore so s** is condom free!!!!

  • Great.

  • Very commom, mother and son relationships. Me and my mom aren't a couple, but we've had s** several times.

  • Mfm ?
    you, son and me
    kink239 at hotmail

  • You can't be a couple even if incest is made legal.Society doesn't accept it easily.Better be secret lovers.Secrecy itself can be a strong aphrodisiac. You are lucky.Best luck.

  • Similar thing happened to me But my father passed away at 55. Mom was 50. I was 25 at the time. Six months after he died the s** started.
    She had want to have s** with me since I was 15. but knew if she did she would want me to c** in her and was afraid she get knocked up.

    10 years now and still mine blowing s** several times a day.

  • Who does she look like?Any image that you can post from Getty Images/Hollywood?

  • S** with your mom is great isn't? My mom can't get pregnant anymore( she's had her tube clipped ) so s** is condom free!!!

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