This past summer I walked in on something and can't stop thinking about it.
I went to a family reunion and we were in a small town at a s*** hotel, The makeshift hot tub room was right next to my room and after going to bed the one night I could hear the motor running for the hot tub, I laid there and tried to go to sleep but couldn't and thinking some super considerate person had left the hot tub running I finally got up to go turn it off so I could sleep.
Not thinking anyone was in there I didn't bother with a bra and just flung the door open walking into the room when I was punched in the face by a sight I'll never forget, My sisters husband was sitting on the side of the hot tub and my cousin was on her knees giving him head, At first I thought I had walked in on my sister and her husband (Similar hair color) and I went to back out and the door had closed which was when I realized it was our cousin as she clambered out of the hot tub, I went to open the door and she pushed it shut, I was in shock and thought I had just walked in on my sisters husband having an affair but she was trying to talk to me and everything was just spinning in my head not making sense and then he walked right up behind me and slid his hands right up my shirt grabbing my b****.
He grabbed my nips and I put my hands on his forearms pushing them down and spun around to face him, I said "What the f***" and he said "Wow, they feel as good as they look", I pushed him back as he stepped forward to grab another grope and my cousin said "**** what the f***, Stop that", He looked a bit confused and stepped back, He has been with my sister 17 years and I have never thought he was anything other than a good husband to my sister and a great father to their kids and until that moment had never made so much as an inappropriate comment, I have never seen anything in any way related to him undressed but he was standing right in front of me and of course it was hard hot to notice he was hard since it is...not small and he kept rubbing it up against me, My cousin was trying to talk to me and I didn't notice when he took my hand and put it on his c**k, It took a second before I jerked my hand away.
My cousin looked at him with her eyebrows up and shook her head saying "No" then she grabbed her housecoat and we went into the hallway, they followed me into my room and began to explain. APPARENTLY...My sister and my cousin have been swapping or trading or whatever you want to call it for years, I am considerably younger than my sister and my cousin is two years older than my sister so probably when this all started I was just a kid, We were sitting on the bed and my cousin was on one side with my sisters husband on the other, He had just a towel on and was leaning back with his flagpole sticking out and straight up, all hard, thick and veiny. They were obviously drunk and after she had said all she could say she took my sisters husband and left.
Minutes later my sister was at my door, Hair all messed up and obviously distraught, We had a lengthy discussion and she apologized for her husbands actions and said he thought I knew more than I did and...Yeah, NO.
A way too out there situation for me to comprehend and it all makes no sense to me.

Feb 6, 2019

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  • Here i am sister kk

  • So your sister & cousin and their husbands are into swinging. My guess is they probably both swap with other couples too. Wife swapping has been going on for many years. I can see your initial confusion. But once it was confessed to you that should have been it. Your brother in law hitting on you while he was drunk wasn't cool at all. But unfortunately, drunks do stuff like that. He does owe you an apology for that. But the wife swapping is their business and their personal choice.

  • There one comman thing in all woman posts they act like victim but actually happy they were f***** by another man

  • I did NOT f*** anyone.

  • You will sweetheart 😉

  • Once you get a c*** in you you will want it again and again, young or not they all love c***

  • Yay! First to comment!!!!!

    Who else is here in 2019?!!

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