I am a submissive male and have a very loving wife beautiful wife, she is dominant and bossy not exactly as I want to, I want her to be my hotwife as she is only interested in dating other man and that is fine with me because it’s not even started yet. But I am little afraid and instead of she gets on the top of me and encourage me she is also gets confused, as I want her to guide me and takes full control but she is not as creative and when it comes to manipulate me she is not so good as she is only 29 years old .
Can any one help with any ideas ?

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  • Sooner or later she is going to kick you to the curb. She will have you sleeping in the basement when her lovers come over to f*** her. Your only duty will be to clean out her p**** after they are gone.

  • First time pizza challenge I hid in the closet while wife sucked off the young guy. He wasn’t very hot but cute and had a rather large c*** compared to mine. Wife loved the idea of sucking off a strangers c***. He came in her mouth like he was built up for days! Anyway his load was super huge. We kissed and immediately went to bed and talked about how to and where to continue this fun game.We’ve tried several more times but the guy was usually older and not in shape. So far it’s up to 5

  • I've seen my wife get f***** by lots of guys and it was always hot as h***. Sometimes I watched and other times we'd have a 3-some or small gang-bang. I've also hidden and watched her seduce guys and suck or f*** them. Like room service or pizza delivery guys. But it was always mutual consent. But with me taking the lead. I'd give up on the submi ssive part. If you want a hotwife and she's willing tell her what you want her to do.And have fun sharing her with others.


    SORT IT OUT YOU C**** 👊

  • Let her have her way. Tell her you want so bad to have s** with a hot guy if her desire. Encourage her to dress sexy and take her clubs where guys will flirt with her. Tell her to flirt with guys and invite him back to your table. Invite him to meet up somewhere like a nice hotel

  • Tell her what you want her to hear. The more she knows, the more creative she can be.

  • Where do you live (country) get back back to me soon and we get started!

  • From Germany friend! You have experience in this for me?!

  • Yes' I have experience, are the husband or the wife?

  • Wife of course!!

  • Are you still there?!

  • When is a good time to talk?

  • I'm free now?

  • What have you done so far, To cuckold him and become dominant?

  • I want to hear her pebbledash the pan after a hot chilli con carne and a few pints of doom bar, farting,popping and going,as she sings the national anthem in a brummie accent

  • Put her on and I can help you both

  • Check videos online

  • You sound like a child. This post is bullshit

  • Complete sentences for a start would help

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