I babysat this drunk passed out girl as a frat party

She was so drunk she couldn't keep her eyes open. A typical passed out intoxicated girl. I babysat her until someone came and took her to her dorm. I had a towel over her lower partly exposed body so that no one could look at her prominently displayed small **. It was not much more than a string.

She was not ** or sexually molested because of me.

After she sobered up she thanked me and someone told her parents. They thanked me in person because their child had not become a statistic.

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  • F ucking h ell. it sounds like you guys like them ten and younger, NOT tender and younger

  • Lf you or anybody ever touched my daugher or any off my children. l would torcher you too death slowley. you should have called her parent's or emergency service. she's a fourteen year old child. l know if it was our daughter. l wont say what my wife would do too her. but an ** whooping would be nothing compared too me grounding her for a long time and loss off phone' laptop etc. you should have done the rite thing. now ** off you pirce off **...

  • Learn to spell ** wit

  • It's 'torture' hun.
    It's 'to death' hun.
    It's 'slowly' hun.
    It's 'services' hun.
    It's 'to' hun.
    It's 'right' hun.
    It's 'piece' hun.

    Jesus wept, you'd think that these days people would of heard of autocorrect!!!

    And why wont you say what you wife would do 'too' her?!! Is it because she'd fingerblast her herself,and keep her wet ** to herself?

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Lt is because she would not sit comfortable for a week if she was our daughter and my would light up her bare **..

  • Lt is because my wife would bare ** spank our daughter...

  • Stop using L as an I you peen!!!!!!! Then you'll actually spell it's, instead of Lts you MELT

  • I meant she would tann her bare **..

  • I would tied her and ** her anally ... you missed an oppurtunity ** hole. Just cut off your nuts loser

  • She was fourteen.

  • I'm the OP. She was 18.

  • Then why the f.u.ck was she at a party drinking alcohol? Where were her parents,must be proper scum for letting her out like that. And shame on you for noticing a 14 year olds underwear.
    You are a ** .
    And all you other dirty nonces posting on here saying how you love young ** etc,you must be soooo naiive to think that this site really is anonymous!!!!! So dumb,but I guess if you're a ** then being clever isn't in your make up.

  • Kind off hard not too notice when her leg's are spread and skirt up around her waste. l dont know the girl that weell. l hared her mom is dead and she live's with her father..

  • And whilst I'm here... Its 'waist' .
    Otherwise it sounds like you're saying her skirt was up,covered in her own faeces 💩
    Which may of been the case lol
    Glad her mum is dead, she'll not have to put up with the shame of having such a scab for a daughter!

  • L hared her father is strict with her..

  • Pervert..

  • ? how old was she..

  • But you still managed to notice that she was wearing small **,not much more than a string..........
    Yeah, of course you are a nice guy....nope,you're just as bad as the perverts,you didn't need to mention her underwear in the confession but you did. Why was that?? You're the type of guy we need to be weary of,ewww

  • You're the type we're weary of!

  • Oh well if her was looking at her little string knickers he must have looked at her c u n t

  • Haha I would of!! Peeled them back and feel her slime on the soft fabric,then take a pic on my phone of her ** for posterity

  • Lol hard not to look

  • Haha too right! Even time for a sly wipe across her ** lips under the towel ,get some of that goo on your **,then sniff happily away as you guard her lmao

  • Lol i dunno about wiping how old are these girls at frate party’s

  • Gotta be 18 /19 I reckon👍 and just to clarify, I may be a perv who'd sniff her passed out ** clean,but if they're underage then I'll pass lol😅

  • Lol yes me too if she was 18 I’d have to sniff her c u n t.

  • If she was 8 I would have too!

  • I was ** b4 it hurts

  • My wife cought our daughter sending ** picture's and spanked her..

  • Omg stop it

  • And a sly wipe against her **! One for the road eh?!😁

  • Corn hole ?

  • Yeah,her **. You never watched Beavis and **?😁

  • Dude,you sound like the "niceguy"
    Bet you smell of cheetos and wear a fedora

  • Lays Potato chips and a porkpie hat.

  • Saying " m'lady " as he doffs his hat

  • Preaching Christ is easy but following Christ is not but you did. All the perverts should be ashamed reading this

  • As should Christians who put way more energy into judging and throwing scripture at others than actually being more Christlike. So, like, the vast majority of them.

  • I would of removed her ** and licked and sniffed them allllll night

  • I would have enjoyed her nice tight **

  • Me too

  • Mmmm yes young **.

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