It she wasn't disturbed

It all started when my wife confessed to me that one night while she was out with her work mates she misbehaved , She told me she was sorry and that she would do anything to make It up to me . I asked her to tell me exactly what happened , She said a guy that was in the pub offered to walk her home she knew it was wrong but still let him . When she got to the corner of are road she thanked him then kissed him on the cheek , He said you can do better than that then kissed her on the lips . My wife said it was nice so she let him then she said he put his tongue in my mouth and I did the same back , My wife said he put his hand up my skirt and was rubbing my panties . Then he said open your legs so I can finger you , My wife did has he said just has he put his hand in her panties are neighbour came walking down the road . She walked away from him then walked with are neighbour , When she reached are door the neighbour said he had seen everything and if she wanted it kept a secret from me he wanted the same . That's when I opened the door , Then later she told me this story . I know what I'm going to do what would you do what's your thoughts on her story ?

Sep 29, 2018

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  • Invite the neighbor for dinner. Tell your wife to let him do as he pleases with her while you watch, even if it means becoming his w****.

  • Your wife likes having other men touch her p****. I would tell it’s ok, sorry this happened and you worried to tell me. I would try pushing it further, same type of situation but with a more aggressive man. Willing to bet she will suck his d*** and if he called a friend or passerby, I’m sure your wife would come home with a tummy full of c**

  • Update please OP!

  • Tell the neighbor to mind his own f_cking business for a start. Then pop round and see your wife's co-worker. Explain to him that, unless he lets you take his wife out for the night, you'll tell what he's be doing with your wife. See how he likes it.

    What do you plan to do?

  • Get his daughter to go out with you

  • Sounds good

  • I bet ur wife loved a new mans hand in her knickers felt like a breath of fresh air. X

  • I think she did , She brings it up quite often

  • Have the neighbor man come by and pound her s*****!

  • I bet. Don’t you wish you could put ur hands in a new woman’s knickers and taste her c*** for the first time.

  • Yes I would , The thoughts of my wife being fingered also turns me on ,Don't know what to do about it got mixed feelings .

  • It’s ok if your wife’s an easy w****, p*** her out. I would get pictures and videos. If she wants out or tries to get over on you, would share them with her family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

  • I know about thoughts that turn on we had a bbq last summer I have two daughters 20 and 23. After the bbq had finished about 10 at night I looked out our bedroom window and watched my 20 year old daughter getting fingered by her bf. my wife was in bed asking what I was looking at bad but it turned me on.

  • Hope you told her be nice get the girls in bed too with wife

  • Omg yes my little girls juicy tight c*** I loved her sexy noises

  • Would you like it to happen to your wife

  • Yes

  • Do you think she would like it , what's she like

  • How old Ru sooner my daughter

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