I'm a 40 yo male and I love being dominated by a woman. I realized this about 15 yrs. ago and about 12 years ago my then gf told me she always wanted to try the dominatrix role so I said ok. It was amazing, she treated me like a s** slave. She would sit with her legs spread and have me put my nose and mouth just fractions of an inch from her crotch but not let me do anything, if I tried, she would whip me with a cat-o-nine tails and I loved it. She did a whole lot more like makeing me kiss her feet and rideing on my back from one room to the other. She degraded me and I loved it. This desire has only grown. In my job I have alot of responsibilities, not just for me but for thoes under me. Work is a constant stress. At home I am responsible for bringing in the pay check, paying bills, clothes, food, etc.
I've read up on submision and found out that it is common for men with alot of responsibilities and stress to want to give up all control and be submissive in their s** life, and that's what it is for me.
Question: How do I tell my wife that I want her to dominate me,degrade me, punish me, make me be submissive to her. On my computer I even have a s** slave contract hidden. It makes me her property, she would be my owner and that turns me on so much.I fantasise about her punishing me for disobedience or just because she felt like it and getting turned on by inflicting pain and punishment on me. I would love for her to introduce me to her friends as her property, even degrade me in front of them. Any real help would be welcome or any guys who know what I mean.
Wanting a dominatrix

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  • i admire that you honor your marriage and arent trying to find this elsewhere. since you married her im sure you have an open means of communication, next time a special occasion comes up ask her if theres anything special shed like...ask her nonchellantly if she ever thought of doing anything crazy...or you can always leave a dominatrix p**** mag layin around for her to find--shed take the hint. either way im sure shed be okay with you atleast talking about it with her..and even if she cant follow through with it to the t im sure she can do a lil somethin for you.

  • I am a guy who would help. We would meet, and discuss/plan this. I would "run into" both of you in a bar/restaraunt, etc... You and I would act like strangers of course. I would bring up the topic in a very eloquent way. You could see her reaction. It would "break the ice" with this topic. I could even mention some things to her that you are interested in, and do this in a way she would perhaps understand (i could do this because you would tell me about her when we met and talked) And if she is appalled, I was just some weird guy at a bar you both just met. Comment back here if you are interested. I would do this and do a great job because I just find Femdom absolutely stunning!

  • "I am what I eat or what I'm told to eat"

  • i would normally insult you but you seem to get turned on by that so all I'm gonna say is you're a p****

  • Well, shoot why not go out and ask her? I'm sure she might even like it herself.

    -The Slammerai

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