I am sleeping with my wife’s best friend

It was my wife’s 30th birthday her childhood best friend threw her a hugh party. Everyone got drunk and they all started leaving or passing out my wife passed out hours before. I was in the hot tub when her friend got in with me. Before I knew she was completly naked. I have always found her friend super attractive. My wife is very thin and her friend very curvy which has always been my type. She started rubbing her t*** and told me I could touch. So I did and that lead to me and her going at it all night. Thought it was the best night of my life never had freaky s** like that before but then she started threading me if I didn’t do this or that she would tell my wife. The worst thing had s** with her then she hide in a hall closet and told me she wanted to watch my wife suck me after. The more I did for her the more she to tell my wife. What is really horrible is I liked most of it. She wanted to wear my wife’s underwear me have s** with her we both c** in them and put them back in her drawer. Everytime we had s** it had something to do with humiliating my wife. Short story her friend is now pregnant lied to me said she was on the pill but never was.


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  • You must really love the thought of hurting your wife. Best to divorce your wife and let her find someone else better then you.

  • You. Are. F*****.

  • You're f***** buddy. Good luck with that.

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