Wetting my pants in public

When I was sixteen I was on a bus going home from a party the other side of town. I had had a lot of weak beer and was dying for the toilet, much to the amusement of the three friends who were with me. About five minutes before our stop I just could not wait any longer and I wet my pants thoroughly, pee running off the seat onto the bus floor and trickling everywhere. My friends rubbed me about it but as I walked home I realised that I had, in a strange way, enjoyed the experience.

I just could not stop thinking about it and wanted to repeat the experience. It wasn’t long before I started deliberately getting myself into a desperate situation, often on public transport. so that I would “have accident” again ( though not usually in the company of friends !)

So began a lifetime of wetting for pleasure in all sorts of situations including occasional bedwetting.

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  • For some odd reason, I've been peeing my pants a lot lately. It started last week at work. I had to go really bad. On my way to the toilet, I started peeing in my pants.

    Two days ago, I peed my bed. I got back home after doing a little drinking with friends. On the walk home, as you probably expected, I wet my pants completely. I probably should have gone to the toilet before I started toward home. It was only six blocks though. So, I thought I would at least get home before desperation set in. I managed four blocks before I peed my pants totally. I thought that would be the end of it. I went a couple times before going to bed. I still woke up wet from my chest to knees.

    Last night I had the pee pee dream where I dreamed I was in the bathroom on the toilet, only to wake up to a wet bed again this morning.

    Yesterday, I peed my pants twice. One of those times was deliberate. I just didn't want to get up. So, I sat in the kitchen watching a movie on my tablet while pee puddled under my chair. I sat there peeing in little spurts for the duration of two movies. It reminded me of that time in 10th grade when I wet my pants during detention. I think the teacher detaining me was more embarrassed for me than I was. I just couldn't hold it any longer.

    I hadn't had an accident since detention. And I hadn't wet the bed in over a year until peeing pants on my way to the toilet at work. Now, I'm back to wetting my pants again. I am peeing on myself again. And, I am peeing on myself on purpose a lot. I wait to the last minute before I go, knowing I probably won't get to the bathroom before I start peeing my pants. I might have to put myself on diaper punishment again. That way I can dribble in my pants all day long.

  • I’ve been wetting my pants since childhood. If I can’t hold it, I’ll leak just to relieve myself until I can reach a ladies room. If I still can’t hold it, I will leave a puddle out of desperation.

    I’m currently doing a water intake regimen to lose some weight. Even though I’m losing the weight, I find myself holding my crotch, squirming to keep from peeing on myself a lot. Yesterday alone, I wet my pants twice.

    Even as I type this, I’m in an Uber trying to reach my bathroom, twisting and gripping my crotch, trying not to pee in my pants. We’re waiting for a slow moving train. I just know I’m not going to make it. I’m about to leak involuntarily, hoping I can hold it back. If I can’t hold it, it won’t be my first or last public wetting. I am notorious for wetting my pants during car rides, especially if I fall asleep. I also wet the bed a lot.

    It’s coming out. When I emerge from this vehicle, it will be obvious that I wet my pants. The floor mat will be wet.

  • Hello, thanks for this. Hope it wasn’t too embarrassing. Did the Uber driver see that you had wet your pants ?

    Do you really like wetting yourself or is it something you’re just used to ?

    I also bed wet myself and will probably be doing it in a hotel bed next week.

    Email me if you like on lowey73@hotmail.co.uk

  • I wet my pants a few times when i was 15 and my parents got really upset with me and i told them that i just couldnt hold it! Just after i turned 16 and was a sophomore in high school,i wet my pants a couple more times and my parents found out.When my Sacrement of Confirmation came around that may,I had to wear a white dress and veil with tights and white shoes.My parents gor me cloth diapers and plastic pants and made me wear them under the tights for the day! It was embarrassing and i havent wet my pants since!

  • I went through a public wetting phase in my teens. Always had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember but at 13 I started skipping bathroom breaks at school for fun and it sort of turned into a secret game -- The Don't Pee Your Pants Game.

    One day I took it way too far and had an accident in class. It was a little embarrassing, sure, but humiliating? No. Exciting? Ohmygod yes.
    I started intentionally holding and having accidents in random places and loved getting caught in wet pants. My favorite place to play my secret hold it games was at school and I did it often. I know, peeing schoolgirl is so cliche, but there was something so very exciting about trying to not pee myself at my desk. I secretly loved teachers who were strict with bathroom breaks and occasionally went to class bursting knowing I'd be denied permission to use the girls room.

    I stopped wetting at school when I was 17. It was a tough habit to break! I loved holding it so much it was almost like an addiction. Had a relapse here and there but finally stopped. I continued wetting publicly until I was like 23 but now I mostly do it at home (though it's never far from my mind.)

  • Thank you for your response. I never wet my pants in class but have often secretly wished that I had ! Whilst I was still sixteen, or may have just turned seventeen, I did do it on a coach coming home from a school trip. Fortunately only a couple of friends sitting by me knew I had wet myself and they were as amused as I was. I didn’t make a puddle that time as all the pee soaked into the seat cushion. However, to this day I still love having an “accident” on a bus especially when I do indeed make a puddle with hopefully other passengers’ attention being drawn by the trickling sound.

    Especially like wetting when sitting down and have done it several times in the cinema and when driving.

    Can chat some more if you like.

  • Would love to see that

  • You're welcome. Yeah looking that over I guess I made it sound like I was wet constantly but only fully wet maybe 12 or so times in class. Haha is that a lot? I had very little self control back then. Young and bold. And stupid. Now I'm a bit older and somewhat boring.

    That's funny, I never did it on the bus but thought about doing it! Only wet at the movies once on a date and have done it while driving a couple times, more as a passenger.

  • Can we chat through burner emails?

  • You’re welcome to email me on lowey73@hotmail.co.uk

  • I was a A student at school but one day I was doing an exam and I had a brain fade. I went blank. I started to panic because I could not do one of the questions. As part of this panic I felt myself starting to wet myself. I put my head down on the table and concentrated real hard totally on not wetting myself. Just controlling my breathing and not wetting myself. Not embarrassing myself.

    Luckily no noticeable wet spot and no embarrassment.

    Went home and when my mom asked me about my day I told her about what happened. It is maybe weird to think back about how open I was but I guess that was the way our family was. Anyway mom being the ever practical person went shopping and bought plastic pants. This was before disposable diapers were created.

    She had me put them on to try them out. Initially this was over a pair of underpants.

  • Then being the practical person she was and me being the quite obedient and immature 16yo but very childish, she told me I needed to check that they worked and did not leak. So I had to try and wet myself. Initially this was impossible. I just could not do it. So she went and got a glass of water and poured it in. So practical and matter a fact. At the time I was a bit embarrassed but mostly because of all the trouble she was going to. Not that I was in my underwear in front of her wearing plastic pants. They held the water until I sat down. Then some of it leaked out.

    Fast forward a few days and she presented me with some underwear that was really thick and padded in the crotch and slightly padded at the front. I put them on and felt that between the leg bulk that I now love. Then put the plastic pants on. Still could not wet myself so the glass of water again poured in. This time they did not leak.

    So then on whenever I had an exam I would wear them. I tried wearing them every day but usually after a day the skin where the leg elastic was would get quite raw and sore. So I just wore them when I had an exam.

    To try to find out if they would really work, I used to wear them while I did my home work and see if I could wet myself. It was quite an open topic where mom would remind me to put them on and ask me if I had managed it. Weird hey.

    I think this created my fetish

  • I love the feel of warm pee flooding my underwear and I also enjoy wearing all kinds of women's underwear so I'll be wearing my panties, pantyhose, control panty & half slip and when I have to go real bad, I'll get in the shower and pretend I'm in a crowd somewhere and then start peeing in my panties. At first I feel the hot pee flooding my panties, and then it starts running down my legs, an I begin masturbating right then while I'm still peeing. I c** really quick and then take a hot shower and wash out my lingerie.

  • That's so hot

  • Thank you. How intelligent.

  • Bullshit

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