One night stand pregnancy

I am married for 3 years now and we also have a son, he's 2 years and 5 months old. My husband thinks our son, Adrian, is his child, but he isn't. I had a one night stand before I met my husband and I got pregnant because our condom cracked. 2 days after this horrible night I met my present husband Peter.
We had s** a few days later and because I knew Peter was ( and is ) more decent as the one night stand guy I had, I decided to tell him that this child is from him.
I am not sorry about it because now Adrian has a wonderful and caring father.

Feb 23, 2019

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  • For me, finding out my 26 year old son was not my son was a shock. Damn DNA ruins lives.

  • I'm a woman and I love what you did. It's one of th every sexiest and most romantic things I ever read. Thanks for sharing it.

  • It "cracked"? How freakin' old was it?

    Also, BS. You obviously can't stay upright for any length of time in the presence of men-- ANY men-- so BC can't be high on your list of priorities.

    Way to go, living a lie like that. Wish I could say it's surprising, from what you've shared. You totally sound like a high-quality woman. *rolleyes*

  • With the new commercial dna tests many people are taking to find out their heritage there is a good chance your lie will be found out at some point. You are depriving your son of knowing his biological family as well as allowing your husband to raise a child that is not his all because of your mistake. You truly are a horrible person.

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