I want to cheat

My husband uses our son for an excue to not have s** with me, so i starated haveing s** with a cop in our town. i think my husband is gay? when i try to put our son down for the night. he says let him stay up with us. he dont touch me at all, and when i touch him he get mad an yell! so forget that faggott im going to get me some d***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • If you're as ugly as your spelling, that would explain a lot :)

  • Lol kind of a response but, if you have to go to letting him do a*** just keep cheating, he's the one not taking care of you so he shouldn't get any special treatment

  • To solve your problem, you have only to speak 5 magic words to your husband: F*** Me In The Ass. As I said - problem solved with no need to cheat.

  • Your husband could be gay or cheating on you. What was your s** life before you got married and had a child. Talk to your husband, ask him point blank what's going on. And then maybe look into getting a divorce so you can both get you what you want and need.

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