I miss my kitty so much

16 years ago I was blessed with a cute gray kitten with white paws and mustache. Over the next 15 years, he proved to be a stable rock, as life got hard and most my friends left me and moved on. Last year, age started to get the best of him and his kidneys started to fail. I spoiled him with pure distilled water, special cat food, and he continued to enjoy life as an indoor/outdoor creature. Its been nearly a year now. My main 3 daily contacts were my parents and my cat. Now, one of those constants is gone. I fear losing my parents eventually. The thought of another cat is disturbing. Even if one tries to get in my lap, it feels like a violation against my old cat.
Most of you probably have no idea what Im talking about and Im surprised you have read this far. All I have in life is a part time job which I am very lucky to have and truly grateful for, a car, a small dwelling, two parents, and a cat...only without the cat now.
All the losses in life, such as jobs, careers, friends, relationships, religion, funerals...this one has truly hurt the most.
And that's my confession

Feb 24, 2019

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  • Ok yeah very sorry to hear that but why don’t you buy yourself a husband

  • Or an pussydestroyer3000 hydraulic vibe,with power pulse and real feel b****

  • Take it in ur ass F***** troll

  • Glad to see there's no trolls, I'm a 6foot tattoed sailor,and I b***** love my cat!!!!
    Don't feel ashamed by being a cat lover😊
    And it'll take time but you'll eventually be happy for another ball of love

  • I'm so, so sorry for the loss of your friend. I still mourn every pet I've ever lost. There'll always be a little hole in your heart, but it *does* get better.

    Don't hold off on getting a new friend out of a sense of loyalty, but don't push yourself either. Only you can decide when you're ready. You could try visiting a shelter just to have some contact, ease into it, and so you'll be better able to know when you're ready to open your heart.

    Your post comes at a poignant time for me. I have a kitten who's been with us for about a year and a half, but who was a stray who clearly came from a harsh situation. She's just recently recovered to the point where she's trusting and social, and it feels like we're just now forging a bond. We love spending time together, and having her greet me at the door and eagerly follow me around the house is wonderful.

    But I also have a dog who's now very old. He's been with us his whole life, and I love him dearly, but the end of our time together is coming very soon- possibly within the next few days. My heart breaks to see him in pain, but it also breaks to think of losing him. So I've been where you are, and will be there again soon.

    Like I said, it just takes time. Well, that and a willingness to not withdraw permanently. Your friend is gone. Honor him by living. In the meantime, please know that you're not alone. I wish you peace, healing, and love.

  • Hey I was just thinking of my best pal and feeling sad, then by coincidence I find your post here. He was my cat for 20 years, and saw me through the worst times and literally through half my life. He was a part of me and I miss him every day. My condolences to you for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. It's much more sincere, honest and touching than most anything else I have read here.

  • Sorry hon

  • No, you're not alone in this experience-- there are occasional real humans in this hole of a site. Condolences and virtual hugs for the loss of your family member.

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